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Walking around @First house Funabashi

Walking around @First house Funabashi

Hello! Recently, I’ve been on a diet! !! By the way, this time,

I will send you information on jogging roads and nearby shops! Let’s go!  

◆ Ebigawa Jogging Road

It is about a 15-minute walk from the share house!

In spring, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom!

It feels good to be running!

There are people here who are jogging day and night, so it’s safe at night!

This is my favorite jogging course! !!

◆ Nagatsugawa Fureai Square

This is also about a 15-minute walk from the share house ★

There is a park on the premises and there are many people on holidays!

Personally, I like the warm atmosphere on weekdays

I want to read a book in the shade of a tree!


About 5 minutes on foot from the share house ★

It is a popular bakery that was introduced on TV!

A wide variety of breads are lined up in a row (‘ω’) ノ

If you buy bread from this shop, you will get coffee!

There is also a desk outside, so you can eat freshly baked bread outside!

I had French toast for breakfast! !!

◆ Funabashi City Regional Wholesale Market

About 10 minutes on foot from the property ★


I’m wondering where to go!

Fresh seafood is on sale at a discount!

Many shops lined up on the premises and I was about to get lost ..

There are still many spots I haven’t told you about, but this time around!

Funabashi area full of charm! (^^)!

Would you like to live in Funabashi? ??

This property is “First House Funabashi”

We are looking for tenants!

You can also use the Internet, so it is also suitable for teleworking!

If you are interested in it, please come visit us!

We’ll be expecting you!

Contact us from here!

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  • Renewal Open in March 20th!!

    Firsthouse Haneda Otorii is close to the entrance to the world which is Haneda Intenational Terminal station with 4 min for 3 stops. Also, you can come to the house without waiting for the traffic light with only 3 min walk. 14 min for Shinagawa station, and 28 min for Higashi Ginza station.

    In this nice place for a good for international job, a room in the 2nd floor is 13.8㎡, and one in the 1st floor is 12㎡. The shower room and water sink is only for women in the 2nd floor.

  • Firsthouse Omori is only 8 min walk from Omori station in JR Keihin Tohoku Line where it is 2 next stops from Shinagawa station. You can go to Yokohama station by train for 18 min. Therefore, it’s very easy to go not only to Tokyo direction but to Yokohama area!Supermarkets, convenience stores, and drug store are very close to the sharehouse so this environment must be convenient compared to other areas in Omori.  Common spaces and some rooms have been renovated in 2017, so you may really like this sharehouse!

  • The size of all rooms are about 10㎡ with good sunshine!! Shower rooms and bathrooms are separated in men and women. And the entrance is electric auto-locked so the security is good!! Since it is close to the station, it is convenient to go for shopping at a supermarket, convenience stores, book stores, drug stores, cafes, and so on.