About the houses Interwhao provide!
Long history since 2000!
Many guests have stayed in our properties so far. We have the know-how about share houses gained from years of experience!
Staff’s experience of living abroad.
All our staff has experience of living abroad. We know what it’s like to find a house in foreign country. That’s why we are here!
Close relationship to customers!
We are happy to get to know new people! You are a customer, but sometimes a friend! We want you all have a comfortable stay here!
About the houses Interwhao provide!
Happy sharehouses with
a natural interchange
Living room and lounge for an interchange
Women only house or floor with a shower room
Many international sharehouses where 50% foreigners live
Sophisticated furnished
studio apartment
Low initial cost!
Selected furniture
Free wi-fi
  • Staff's Great Support
  • International exchange between the sharehouses!
  • All Private furnished rooms of International sharehouses
  • Safe and Secure sharehouses for women
  • Affordable Furnished Studio Apartments

The real features of the sharehouses of Interwhao!

Firsthouse Suginami Takaido
Special Offers
to shibuya chiba

Recommended sharehouse

Firsthouse Mizonokuchi100+a

International sharehouse! 14 min for Shibuya!

62 rooms of the sharehouse, 12 min walk away from Mizonokuchi station in Tokyu Denentoshi Line, Oimachi Line, and JR Nanbu Line! Residents are mainly in the age of 20’s, and about half of residents are foreigners! There are regularly house event held so this is one of the best recommended houses for beginners as well.

12 min for Jiyugaoka, 14 min for Shibuya, 20 min for Kawasaki. Very convenient place!!

Mie Washii
Staff Mie Washii

Let's share this moment! Communication, making friends, sharing your story, everything will be precious time for me!

Firsthouse Yokohama Aoba(3rd floor is only for women)

Looking for International house?

10 min walk from Aobadai station in Tokyu Denentoshi Line, 12 walk from Tookaichiba station in JR Yokohama Line.

This sharehouse is very international since more than 50 % of residents are from foreigners. The huge living space has herringbone style floor, and billiard board with bar-like atmosphere.
The room size is 13.2㎡ so you can have open-minded life in this sharehouse!

Kan Nagata
Staff Kan Nagata

20's and 30's are the main residents! This is very International house and a half of residents are foreigners.

  • Firsthouse Yokohama Ichigao (Ichigao station 4 min walk)

    Sharing with friendly residents by living in a renovated room

    Only 4 min walk from Ichigao station in Denentoshi Line! Since it is close to the station, you can find 100 yen shop, convenience stores, and supermarket which is open 24 hours! The room size is 9.9 ㎡ and 12㎡ so you can feel open-minded in this sharehouse!

    Kan Nagata
    Staff Kan Nagata

    Only 4 min walk to the house from the station, and 25 min to Shibuya station. How convenient!

  • Firsthouse Funabashi

    5 min walk from Funabashi station. No Complain!

    Easy access to not only in many ares of Chiba prefecture but also to the central of Tokyo from Funabashi station! It takes about 5 min walk from Funabashi station and the convenience store is close to the house too! You can buy anything you need at Funabashi station!!

    The house entrance is electric auto-locked and the residents are friendly. So you can stay here with the safety and relax!

    Kazuki Kabasawa

    Chiba is the city which everyone in Chiba prefecture would like to live in the most!

  • Shinjuku Apartment

    Furnished accommodation! 10 min from Shinjuku St.!

    Furnished studio apartment in Shinjuku area!! 5 minutes on foot from Wakamatsu Kawada station on the Toei Oedo Line! All rooms with a complete set of washing machine, refrigerator, curtain etc!

    It is a good location that you can go to Iidabashi station directly – 6 minutes/ Shinjuku – 10 minutes, and also to the business district of Tokyo quickly!

    Also, 12 minutes walk to Higashi Shinjuku station of the next station, Metro Fukutoshin Line can also be used and you can go to Shibuya and Ikebukuro without changing trains!

  • Firsthouse Minami Urawa

    2 train lines available! Only 4 min walk from the station!

    Very close to the station, Minami Urawa station in JR Keihin Tohoku Line, only 3 min walk! You can buy anything since it’s close to the station and easy access to your work place and school. The common spaces and rooms have been renovated in summer 2017 for being high-graded sharehouse.

    Ryo Kato
    Staff Ryo Kato

    Close to the station, 3 min walk!! Huge house makes you feel more freedom.

  • Firsthouse Omori

    Good access to Tokyo and Yokohama!

    Only 8 min walk from Omori station in JR Keihin Tohoku Line! Very convenient access to Tokyo, Shinbashi, and Yokohama, Kawasaki direction without transferring a train! Common spaces and rooms have been renovated this year so you can have fresh and clean space in here!

    Naotaka Mori
    Staff Naotaka Mori

    Easy access to Shinbashi, Tokyo, Kawasaki, and Yokohama direction! Convenient area for workers and students!

  • Firsthouse Takaido Suginami

    New Open in June 2019! Super easy commuting to the popular area in Tokyo!

    New opening in July 15th 2019! The interior is completely renovated, and was born in a place where is 5-minute walk from Fujimigaoka station in Keio Inokashira Line! You can stop by 24-hour supermarkets and convenience stores very close to the sharehouse!

party / event
First House Minami Urawa Halloween Party
November 15, 2019

First House Minami Urawa Halloween Party

Hi, I’m Kato. I’m so excited to choosing a costume at the Halloween party. There was Halloween party in this year, also we did. Last year and two years ago, there were individuality cosplayers and zombies, so it was a great Halloween party, but I felt also were good this year.   You gonna see three strange guys when you arrive and by the time you get to the entrance. lol   Run!!!!! When you get to the entrance, pumpkin welcomes you.  Trend mark for Halloween. ^^ When you get to the living, suspicious black shadows from darkness…what is that?? Plz be careful if you are not good at horror. Now that the […]

party / event
First House Mizonokuchi Halloween party
November 4, 2019

First House Mizonokuchi Halloween party

Hello. I’m a new staff of Interwhao. My name is Kohei Kinoshita. Many people came to the Halloween Party in this year. We could have talked about a lot of things. So was super got excited and enjoyed. Had such a good time and wonderful.  I could meet people from different countries. It was awesome. Everyone had a unique costume and it was awesome ^o^   What about food ...?         This is absolutely worthy for Instagram. Thank you very much lol   This year, there were many people, so we made various kinds of dishes. Hot dog and Yakisoba, Pizza, Hot cake. And also, one of residents who […]

party / event
Opening Party @ Firsthouse Takaido Suginami!!
October 4, 2019

Opening Party @ Firsthouse Takaido Suginami!!

Hello, I’m Kato, the house manager. I’m feeling good since it is getting cooler at night.   This summer, every one of our staff was devoting their power and time to creating this sharehouse. And we finally opened this big sharehouse!! The house name is “Firsthouse Takaido Suginami” It takes about only 5min walk from the nearest station, which is “Fujimigaoka station” in Keiou Line, and it is very convenient to access to “Shibuya” and “Shinjuku”. As soon as it has opened and got full thanking to all of residents, we did “Opening Party” here!   One of residents who are from France does sommelier as a job, so he […]

party / event
Do you like BBQ? @ First house Yokohama-Aoba
September 29, 2019

Do you like BBQ? @ First house Yokohama-Aoba

Do you like BBQ? We had a barbecue at First House Yokohama Aoba! This time the fire god came, so it was on fire soon. He is called fire god. A toast to the god of fire. You can see a black T-shirt, which is the result of being burned by the fire god flame.   Eat and eat. Grill and grill. Love meat. WE!!! LOVE!!! MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It goes without saying that he ate with a bite.   We moved to the living room after the barbecue. “HEY GUYS! Let’s play billiards!!!” This doll was given to the person who is the best at billiards. IT CAN FLY.

Interwhao sticks to the basic style of sharehouse!
Welcome to Interwhao!

  • Feature1
    All rooms are completely private rooms!

    Interwhao considers that a private space is essential to sharehouses, even if they are houses to share.Everyone needs some time to study and work alone to focus on. Understanding occupants' request, we are taking care of the atmosphere of our rooms to let them live comfortably.

  • Feature2
    The center of interactions with others is a nice living room!

    Interwhao has had shahouses since old times in which dozens of people socialize with others.Living rooms and lounges where people gather are the center of a sharehouse life.To let occupants enjoy comfortably, and gather naturally, we are aiming to offer them an exciting and playful space with them.

  • Feature3
    Every staff can speak English, and has lived in a sharehouse.

    Because almost all of our staff are living or have lived in a sharehouse, they know most of what is fun, and what troubles you. This experience makes us to share occupants' thoughts, and support them not as a businesslike relation. We think that we would like to prepare a comfortable life space of the sharehouse in which we, our staff and the occupants, are able to convey each feelings.

  • Feature4
    Enjoyable human relations under the rules and the manners.

    In a sharehouse, rules and manners are needed to live comfortably because in which living room and a kitchen are shared. We explain the rules and manners in advance to people who want to live in a sharehouse. Only people, who can obey the rules and the manner, can live in the house. In a life of sharing, to obey rules and manners, and kindness to others are important. The views and the senses of value expand by interaction with others in a sharehouse whose nationality, gender, and occupation are different from others, said some occupants. Please think that the premise is the observance of the rules and the manners of sharehouse.

  • Feature5
    Events and parties are the chances to get on with others?

    There are many sharehouses in which events and parties such as Halloween, Christmas, fireworks, and BBQ are held naturally by the people who had lived in the house before, who is living in our other sharehouses and other apartment. Why don't you join in the events and the parties to get on with many people? Through events, becoming good friends with other occupants and hanging out together are not a rare case at all. After a good conversation with someone, you will say "Hi!" and smile naturally next time you see him or her.


June 28, 2019


Firsthouse Takaido Suginami” will be opened in July 15th 2019!!

But before that, it will be pre-opened to view this sharehouse!

Please see this sharehouse with cafe-like atmosphere and with the nice design interior and furniture!

September 7, 2018

We wish to express our deepest condolences to everyone who was affected by torrential rains around West Japan, and a big earthquake in Hokkaido this time.
We pray for the earliest reconstruction of the disaster area from the bottom of my heart.


July 9, 2018

We would like to offer our sincere sympathy to the people living in the regions hit by the heavy rain.

We look forward to the earliest possible reconstruction of the affected areas.

May 28, 2018

We will had Parties before the rainy season will come at the sharehouses!
Click here for details! → Happiness Report!

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018!
I hope the New Year finds you in excellent spirit!
I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year.

August 11, 2012

The page became new.

Staff Blog

Resident Blog

Interwhao has managed total 60 properties with 1,000 rooms of sharehouses and studio type apartments in Tokyo (easy access to Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Ikebukuro), Yokohama and Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture, and Saitama and Chiba Prefecture (Funabashi and Ichikawa city) near Tokyo areas. All properties are within 30 minutes from stations in Yamanote Line.
Each property has a completely private room with furniture such as bed, desk, chair, closet, and so on which enable you to start your new life smoothly from the date you move in.
Also, our staff live in some big sharehouse and lead a life with residents to create the valuable sharehouse.
Throughout a year, there are some house events regularly in these sharehouses which enable you to interact with people from all over the world including Japanese of course.
All of our staff can speak English so even if you cannot speak Japanese, we would help you become Japanese friends.
Also, utility fee for sharehouse is fixed cost which is 12,000 yen, including electricity, water, gas, and internet. Internet service includes help desk as well.
For studio type apartments, people need to contract them by themselves but our staff would help you call these utilities’ companies.
Our properties have good environments to reduce the initial fee, to meet many kinds of people, and to exchange the information with people in different fields of jobs.
Our rooms are used not only by students and workers from Japan and overseas, but also as the dorm of some companies for internship and so on.
We will keep going for our 20 years anniversary with the missions to provide a comfortable living space to be chosen by all stakeholders.
Firsthouse Suginami Takaido
Special Offers
to shibuya chiba