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This August an international exchange sharehouse cafe is available at Takaido in the Inokashira Line, which is one of the most popular lines in Tokyo.Firsthouse Takaido-Suginami

People from different countries come and enjoy at an international exchange sharehouse.

The concept is "cafe", "enjoying conversation", and "relaxing".

The things we recommend you with confidence!

  • Interwhao provides a Temperate Zone, an international exchange sharehouse.
  • Being close to Shibuya, Kichijoji, and Shinjuku, the Inokashira Line is a popular area in Tokyo.
  • A lounge, facilities, and even rooms have renovated.
  • Every room has finished differently. About 14 square meters. Private rooms.
  • With this location, this quality, and this fun, the rent of 8-tatami mat size room is affordable and 69,000 yen.

Firsthouse Takaido-Suginami short review!

Interwhao's international exchange sharehousePositive exchange and relaxing Tokyo life

Firsthouse Mizonokuchi100+a, opened as Interwhao's representative international exchange sharehouse.

Great access to Shinagawa and Shibuya. You will enjoy an international exchange with energetic twenties and thirties.

Enjoying building a better international place, Interwhao is happy to introduce our rooms to you to live brilliantly with various people.

Occupants hold some seasonal events such as BBQ, fireworks, Halloween.

From tomorrow, you will be the lead and enjoy your share life.

Facilities and SurroundingsGreat access to major cities

5 minute-walk to the terminal station Fujimigaoka

5 minutes to Kichijoji (Nonstop) The most popular city to live and walk.
20 minutes to Shibuya (Nonstop) A fashionable area and an "information-tech" area.
20 minutes to Shinjuku (Change at Meidaimae) The world's busiest transport hub.
15 minutes to Shimokitazawa (Nonstop) A popular city you might want to drop.

Easy access to Kichijoji by bike

Going along with the Kanda river, 10 minutes to Inokashira Park by bike.
A city in which you can enjoy food, sundry goods, music, and culture.

Living room and share space

Relaxing living room

We chose wooden furniture for a living room to feel the warmth of trees and a warm atmosphere.
We enjoy building a room with the concept that the people in the house are the lead and the interior and the furniture surround them even if the furniture are always used separately in various scenes.

Playing room and Working place

There are another living room, a playing room, and a working place in the house.
Very nice table for both table tennis and working! With a original rainbow net, a fun and confortable place has been built.

Free Kitchen

We chose kitchen appliances which are fashionable, functional, and easy to use. We hope that the people who love cooking might be satisfied with them.

Sharing makes our house ecological, affordable, and fun.
No matter how our technology develops, we believe that the harmony and the warmth of people are important.

24 kinds of rooms
(mostly 8 tatami-mat size)

We used white wallcoverings for many rooms to let you feel how big the room is and not disturb your interior stuff.
The white wallcoverings are not just white but like herringbone and brick-ish.

Getting an idea from some nice cafes in Kichijoji, we chose a nice lighting for some rooms.

special recommend
to Shibuya