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Green share Chofu+garden

House manager

Kenta Hagiwara
Kenta Hagiwara

There is the courtyard with the cherry blossoms which will be in full bloom in spring so you can enjoy viewing them!


A female resident is welcome!


Kami-Ishihara, Chofu-city, Tokyo


●Rent: 60,000~64,500 yen

●Common Service fee: 20,000 yen (Internet,Gas,Water&Electricity)

●Handling fee 30,000 yen (Only the first month)


<Nearest Station>

●Nishi Chofu station in Keio Line, 4 min walk

<Main Station>

・2 min for Chofu station

・8 min for Fuchu station

・18 min for Meidaimae station

・26 min for Shinjuku station

・32 min for Shibuya station

・37 min for Kichijouji station


・27 rooms (9.5~13㎡)

・Reinforced Concrete

・3 stories

・Auto-locked entrance

・Free bycicyle parking lot

<Common Facilities>

Kitchen/Kitchen utensils/Living room/Working room/Bathroom & Shower room (Men and Women separated for use)/Bicycle parking lot(Free)/Washing machine/Dryer/Post box/Delivery box/Internet

<Room Facilities>

Desk/Chair/Closet/Bed/Air Conditioner/Light/Curtain/Refrigerator

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Vacancy information

Room Number Photo Rent Common
service fee
(Every month)
Handling fee
(Only checking in)
Total amount/first month Inquiry
Room size Availability Remarks
  • 部屋画像
  • 部屋画像
60,000yen 20,000yen 30,000yen 110,000yen Inquiry
10.3㎡ Occupied
  • 部屋画像
  • 部屋画像
64,500yen 20,000yen 30,000yen 114,500yen Inquiry
12㎡ VacantSoon
  • 部屋画像
  • 部屋画像
64,500yen 20,000yen 30,000yen 114,500yen Inquiry
12㎡ VacantSoon

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Area information

  • Nishi-Chofu Station, Keio Electric Railway Keio Line

    4 minutes walk from the house to Nishi-Chofu station where the Keio line goes through.
    Next to the station is Chofu station, which has many facilities and is ideal for shopping.
    It is also only 26 minutes to Shinjuku, making it an excellent location for access to the rest of Tokyo.
    Convenience stores and a post office are located near the station, making it easy to get to the city center, but with a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Ajinomoto Stadium

    You can watch American football, rugby, soccer and other games at Ajinomoto Stadium, also known as "Ajista"!
    It is only a 10-minute walk from the house, and if there is a big event, everyone can watch the sports game together!
    In addition to sports, there are also charity events for furniture and concerts, so it is a place where you can have a lot of fun!

  • Chofu Airfield

    Chofu Airfield is located right next to Ajinomoto Stadium.
    Dornier 228 small airplanes operate to the Izu Islands including Izu Oshima, Niijima, Miyakejima, and Kozushima.
    It is a unique airport that allows you to fly from Tokyo to the Izu Islands with its rich nature.
    There is also an observation deck on the second floor where you can watch planes take off and land while feeling the sound of the propellers.
    Nearby is the Propeller Café, where you can enjoy a café and watch airplanes stored in the hangar.

  • Co-op Mirai

    There is also a grocery store just a 5-minute walk from Nishi-Chofu Station!
    It is open until 11:00 p.m., so you don't have to worry even on days when you get home late!
    It is a place where you can find everything you need for your daily life.

  • Bus rotary in front of Nishi-Chofu Station

    Buses are available in the direction of Tama Station on the Seibu Railway.

  • Post office

    The post office is located just off the ticket gate platform of Nishi-Chofu Station


    100 yen Lawson located right in front of the station
    Conveniently located to buy a few things on your way home from work or school!

  • Pharmacy

    This pharmacy is also located in front of the station.
    You can get toothpaste, shampoo, tissues, and other necessary items quickly.

  • Seven-Eleven

    Convenience store located 2 minutes walking distance from the house
    Having a convenience store in the immediate vicinity is a great relief when something goes wrong.


    Sporting goods store located right next to Ajinomoto Stadium
    The store sells baseball, soccer, basketball and other sporting goods as well as cheering merchandise, making it a must stop before watching a sports game at Ajinomoto Stadium!

  • meat store

    This store is also located on the way to the station from the House.
    If you are used to going to the supermarket, you may not use butcher stores anymore, but you can still buy delicious meat at specialty stores!
    You can also smell the delicious croquettes when you pass by the store!

From the house manager

Kenta Hagiwara
Kenta Hagiwara

Green Share Chofu +garden is opened in February 2023!

Walking on a flat road from Nishi-Chofu Station on the Keio Line, the property is located only 4 minutes away.
Since Nishi-Chofu Station is located in a quiet residential area, you can enjoy a calm life away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but on the other hand, you can also reach Shinjuku and Shibuya in about 30 minutes (without changing trains).
There are convenience stores and a fitness gym in the neighborhood, and a drugstore and 100-yen Lawson near the station.

The property also has a free bicycle parking lot. There is also the Ajinomoto Stadium, where Japan's national sports team trains, and the Chofu Airfield, which can take you to Izu Oshima, Miyakejima, and other tourist destinations, making it ideal for those who want to go on short trips but want a place to go on a whim!

Near the property are several schools such as the University of Electro-Communications, ICU (International Christian University), and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, so we recommend this share house especially for students.

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