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Firsthouse Mizonokuchi100+a

House manager

Kyosuke Makino
Kyosuke Makino

Enjoy this house with following the house rules!


2-chome Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken


●Rent 54,000~57,000 yen

●Common Service fee: 20,000 yen (Internet,Gas,Water&Electricity)

●Handling fee 30,000 yen (Only the first month)



<Nearest Station>

●Tokyu Dennentoshi Line Mizonokuchi Station 13 min walk

●Tokyu Ooimachi Line Mizonokuchi Station 13 min walk

●JR Nanbu Line Musashi Mizonokuchi 13 min walk


※Shuttle Bus from Mizonokuchi Station to KSP (about 5 min)

About 3 min walk from KSP to the house.

Total is less than 10 min from the station to the house!

<Main Station>

●4 min to Futako Tamagawa station (Denenntoshi Line)

●12 min to Jiyuugaoka station (Ooimachi Line)

●14min to Shibuya station (Denenntoshi Line)

●22 min to Kawasaki station (JR Nanbu Line)


●62 rooms / 8 tatami mats / 13㎡

●Reinforced Concrete (Earthquake-resistant strucutre)

Women Only on the 3rd floor

Electronic auto-locked entrance door

●Car parking lot available (Charge)

●Bicycle parking lot available (Free)

<Common Facilities>

Kitchen/Kitchen Utensils/Living room/TV/ Internet(Wifi)

Bathroom (Women Only available) /Wash basin/ Shower rooms (Men and Women separated)

Washing machine/Dryer/Iron/Vacuum Cleaner/ Personal mail box

※You don’t have to buy something additional special

<Room Facilities>

☆Completely private 8 tatami mats with room key☆

Desk/Chair/Bed/Matress/Closet/Balcony/Air Conditioner/Refrigerator/Curtain/Light/

Internet (Wifi)

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    An international exchange share house with the same concept as the popular Firsthouse Mizonokuchi, which has a fun and fulfilling lifestyle, has opened along the Inokashira line!

    If you are interested in Firsthouse Mizonokuchi, you will definitely like it!


Vacancy information

Room Number Photo Rent Common
service fee
(Every month)
Handling fee
(Only checking in)
Total amount/first month Inquiry
Room size Availability Remarks
  • 部屋画像
  • 部屋画像
54,000yen 20,000yen 30,000yen 104,000yen Inquiry
13㎡ Vacant model room
  • 部屋画像
  • 部屋画像
54,000yen 20,000yen 30,000yen 104,000yen Inquiry
13㎡ Vacant model room
  • 部屋画像
  • 部屋画像
54,000yen 20,000yen 30,000yen 104,000yen Inquiry
13㎡ Vacant model room

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Area information

  • Mizonokuchi station

    One of the most popular areas, Mizonokuchi!
    Mizonokuchi stations is crossed with Tokyu Denenntoshi Line, Ooimachi Line, and JR Nanbu Line.
    So it is very convenient place to access to Kawasaki and Shibuya station.
    There are some big shopping departments such as Nocty Plaza and Marui around the station. On the way to the house, there is a shopping road called " Pore Pore Street " Sometimes, free market is held on this street.
    The station and its environment are very prosperous!

  • Supermarket

    This is where it takes 1 min walk from the house. It is very convenient to have a supermarket close to the house.
    If you have a point card, you can stock the points and buy something by using them!

  • Don Quixote (Discounted store)

    This is really a convenient store, "Don Quixote" Supermarket, consumer electronics retailer, and clothes shop are in this building. It is close to the station so you can stop by here on the way to the house.

  • Pore Pore street

    This street is called "Pore Pore Street". There are lots of restaurants like ramen shop, sushi bar, and cafes.
    When you come to the house, you will walk this street. It may be fresh to you.

  • OIOI and Nocty plaza

    OIOI is one of the biggest shopping department.

    And Nocty plaza is only in Mizonokuchi.

    The name of Nocty comes from "nokuchi" of Mizonokuchi. It sounds similar.

From House Manager

Kyosuke Makino
Kyosuke Makino

We have set up cafe-like dining and living space to have relaxing time with fun life in Firsthouse Mizonokuchi!
The size of rooms is 8 tatami mats. So those who have many baggage should feel OK. If you walk 5 min from the house, you can take a bus at KSP (Kawasaki Science Park) to Mizonokuchi Station, which is free. Mizonokuchi station is very attractive for being able to get on 3 kinds of train, Tokyu Ooimachi, Tokyu Dennentoshi, and JR Nanbu Line.
In terms of nationality and ratio of men and women, it's been good balance so you could have real international sense. We will plan to have some events throughout a year, so let's have fun together! Of course, everyone needs to be quiet in a room because some of residents do work hard in studing and working.
If you have any trouble, please feel free to talk to me!

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Inquiry about this house

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