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Take a break. Both outdoor and indoor *

Take a break. Both outdoor and indoor *

Hello everyone!

This is Hinata from Interwao staff *

The temperature has dropped and it has become as cold as winter. .. .. How are you doing?


The environment around you has changed drastically, such as the promotion of remote work and online lessons due to coronavirus. It’s very relaxing to be able to study and work at home, and above all, it’s very easy.

However, there may be some people who are a little tired of the unfamiliar situation. .. ..


This question, which is often asked during previews, “Can a share house secure private time and private life?”


As far as I hear, many people in a share house may have the image that they always go down to the living room and have to interact with each other. .. ..

But don’t worry! !! You can secure time for yourself even in a share house!

This is one of the rooms at Firsthouse Mizonokuchi 100+a.

The size of the room is 13㎡ (8 tatami mats). It is said that the average room size for living alone is about 11.6㎡ (7 tatami mats), so it is slightly larger than the average.

In this way, there is plenty of space for exercising in the room, such as balance balls and Yoga *

Even if you have a lot of luggage, there is plenty of space to pull a Yoga mat! (Former Mizonokuchi residents says)

It’s nice to be able to take a break between remote work and online classes *

The nice thing about a share house is that it has a living room, shower room, kitchen, and toilet in addition to the private room.

So it’s good to relax in the living room or kitchen. When you’re a little tired, it’s good to relax in your room.


You don’t have to go to the living room every day just because you are in a share house.

When you get tired, please relax in your room.

Everybody has own lifestyle that suits each person




The area next to Mizonokuchi is Futakotamagawa!

So it’s about 6 minutes by bicycle from the house. .. .. Arrive at the Tama River! (About 15 minutes on foot)

There is a walking / running course of about 6.9km along the Tama River.

When the weather is nice, we see many people exercising. It’s good for your health *

Buildings are lined up across the river. This is also a landscape unique to the city, isn’t it? Interesting.

By the way, we are in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The other side of the river is Setagaya Ward, Tokyo.

The scenery is different so you can feel fresh!


● The following pictures were taken when the resident went to Futakotamagawa in the past.

In this way, once the Corona situation is settled, residents can take a break, such as taking a walk or playing soccer.


This time we introduced the indoor / outdoor breathing plan of “First House Mizonokuchi 100 + a” ◎

You may not be able to find such a large room with good access to Tokyo such here, about 14 minutes to Shibuya.


If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.

All the staff are waiting for your inquiry*


Bye ~~ *

* We make sure that there are no other people around you, and pay attention to the social distance, and remove the mask only when shooting.

When you go out, please wear a mask for your safety and security.

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