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Short Introduction Movie @ Mizonokuchi (14 min from Shibuya)

Short Introduction Movie @ Mizonokuchi (14 min from Shibuya)

The city of Mizonokuchi

Mizonokuchi station is a very convenient place, 14 min from Shibuya station.

Also, Tokyu Ooimachi Line & JR Nanbu Line run this station, so it is easy to commute to Shinagawa direction, Kawasaki station, and other main cities of Tokyo & Kanagawa.

This short movie shows the environment around Mizonokuchi, Kawasaki city, and our sharehouse “Firsthouse Mizonokuchi 100+b“, and Tama River!


●Taking a walk from Mizonokuchi station in Tokyu Dennenntoshi Line to our sharehouse.

There are lots of people at the station even on weekdays.

●On the way, we are walking along “Pore Pore street” with many kinds of stores such as cafe, restaurants, discount store, Nocty Plaza (This is only in Mizonokuchi), and so on.

●After we pass the street, Ito Yokado (one of the biggest shopping department) surrounded by many trees.

●RUNNING along Tama River near the sharehouse.

●If you go across the river, you will be in “Futako Tamagawa”,Setagaya-ward in Tokyo, one of the most famous and richest cities.

●Our staff take a rest due to hard running.

●Then, we go to “Migawari Fudouson Daimyouin”, one of the biggest temple around this area. You can protect your car against evils or dangers by visiting and having service.

●Finally, we got to our Mizonokuchi sharehouse “Firsthouse Mizonokuchi 100+b“. We play pool and relax in a room…


We introduced one of our sharehouse in Mizonokuchi through this short clip.

This sharehouse has 4 types of walls and floors in a room, so you can select one you love.

There are lots of people from foreign countries and they are playing pool every night after school and work.

Sister sharehouse “Firsthouse Mizonokuchi 100+a” is 200 m from “100+b”, so you can view both two sharehouses at the same time.

There are lots of things when you decide to move in such as budget, structure, atmosphere, residents, and so on.

It is a privilege for these sharehouses to compare with them.

Let’s join us and have a great life in Japan!


The actual closest sharehouse to Tama River is this→Firsthouse Futako Tamagawa 

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Recommended House!
  • 62 rooms of the sharehouse, 12 min walk away from Mizonokuchi station in Tokyu Denentoshi Line, Oimachi Line, and JR Nanbu Line! Residents are mainly in the age of 20’s, and about half of residents are foreigners! There are regularly house event held so this is one of the best recommended houses for beginners as well.

    12 min for Jiyugaoka, 14 min for Shibuya, 20 min for Kawasaki. Very convenient place!!

  • 10 min walk from Aobadai station in Tokyu Denentoshi Line, 12 walk from Tookaichiba station in JR Yokohama Line.

    This sharehouse is very international since more than 50 % of residents are from foreigners. The huge living space has herringbone style floor, and billiard board with bar-like atmosphere.
    The room size is 13.2㎡ so you can have open-minded life in this sharehouse!

  • Only 4 min walk from Ichigao station in Denentoshi Line! Since it is close to the station, you can find 100 yen shop, convenience stores, and supermarket which is open 24 hours! The room size is 9.9 ㎡ and 12㎡ so you can feel open-minded in this sharehouse!

  • Easy access to not only in many ares of Chiba prefecture but also to the central of Tokyo from Funabashi station! It takes about 5 min walk from Funabashi station and the convenience store is close to the house too! You can buy anything you need at Funabashi station!!

    The house entrance is electric auto-locked and the residents are friendly. So you can stay here with the safety and relax!

  • Furnished studio apartment in Shinjuku area!! 5 minutes on foot from Wakamatsu Kawada station on the Toei Oedo Line! All rooms with a complete set of washing machine, refrigerator, curtain etc!

    It is a good location that you can go to Iidabashi station directly – 6 minutes/ Shinjuku – 10 minutes, and also to the business district of Tokyo quickly!

    Also, 12 minutes walk to Higashi Shinjuku station of the next station, Metro Fukutoshin Line can also be used and you can go to Shibuya and Ikebukuro without changing trains!

  • Very close to the station, Minami Urawa station in JR Keihin Tohoku Line, only 3 min walk! You can buy anything since it’s close to the station and easy access to your work place and school. The common spaces and rooms have been renovated in summer 2017 for being high-graded sharehouse.

  • Only 8 min walk from Omori station in JR Keihin Tohoku Line! Very convenient access to Tokyo, Shinbashi, and Yokohama, Kawasaki direction without transferring a train! Common spaces and rooms have been renovated this year so you can have fresh and clean space in here!

  • New opening in July 15th 2019! The interior is completely renovated, and was born in a place where is 5-minute walk from Fujimigaoka station in Keio Inokashira Line! You can stop by 24-hour supermarkets and convenience stores very close to the sharehouse!

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