BBQ Party @Mizonokuchi100+a

BBQ Party @Mizonokuchi100+a

BBQ, which charms us into doing it in a hot, summer day!

BBQ, which is what is called Barbie in Australia!

BBQ, which I don’t know why people call like this, but everyone in the house loves!

So, we held a BBQ party at Firsthouse Mizonokuchi 100+a!!

What is a luxury is plenty of meat seasoned beforehand by a pro chef living in the house!!

Also, an outside, kid-size pool to prevent heat attack!!


Because the manager, me, forgot to buy a rubber hose, residents helped me fill the pool with water, using cookpots, not buckets. lol Thank you very much, all!! I will buy it next time…


This is what’s our BBQ venue like!!


After preparation, time for BBQ!!

People came over as time went by. The atmosphere was like a food-stand in a Japanese-style festival. lol

It was the first BBQ ever for some of the residents. We enjoyed chatting, eating, and drinking!

Even residents who moved in recently became friends with others and seemed like they had so much fun!



The weather was very good: really hot, but breeze cooled us down!!

I think the reason why everyone, regardless of there nationalities, loves BBQ is that we can enjoy talking with lots of people and food tastes better in an open, spacious place!!




This rolling sausage is a typical BBQ food in Italy!
I didn’t know that! As they feel hot, they took a break at the pool, enjoying a summer time!!


In the middle of the party, a kind resident presented us with ice cream!!
How lovely you are!!

Nothing is better than BBQ and Gatsunto-Mikan (a name of the ice-cream, frozen mandarin orange)!!


The time for BBQ was over before sunset, but the residents are so helpful that we finished the cleaning in a moment!

I really appreciate it!! I love you all having fun even with cleaning!!!!



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