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All inclusive 50,000 yen!

All inclusive 50,000 yen!
Recommended sharehouse in November!


『I want to save money as much as possible!』

『I want to live in the suburbs of Tokyo at a great price!』

『please tell me the bargain property!』

In response to such requests, Interwhao has selected the cheapest and most affordable properties that you can move in near Tokyo!
This price is not very high in the suburbs of Tokyo, so please take this opportunity to take advantage of the campaign.


Only 3 min walk from “Minami Urawa” station in JR Keihin Tohoku Line!

Walking along the flat road between restaurants, drug stores, and park, you can see Firsthouse Minami Urawa!

Each room has air conditioner, refrigerator, desk, and chair, so you don’t need to buy anything special!

Toilet and shower rooms are separated in men and women so it is nice to live for both♪



●Train :

・JR Sobu Line

・JR Chuo Line

・Tokyo Metro Tozai Line.

You can reach almost every place in Tokyo within 30 minutes.

Supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, apparel, shopping streets, Don Quijote, etc. in front of the station.


There is also a subculture shopping street “Nakano Broadway” for anime and manga, with Mandarake at the top.

All rooms are equipped with not only air conditioner, refrigerator, bed and desk chair, but also TV.





It is a sister house of the house “Cozy Share Nakano” introduced earlier.

The nearest station, Higashi Nagasaki Station, is a peaceful and quiet residential area!

It takes about 5 minutes (2 stations) to reach the main station, Ikebukuro, which is a very good access.

16 rooms in total, the same as Nakano’s property. Each private room is 4.4 to 4.6 tatami mats.

A beautiful and fashionable city “Jiyugaoka”. This house is about a 13-minute walk away.
There are many fashionable cafes, apparel, general stores, and izakaya around Jiyugaoka Station.
There is no doubt that it will make your important holiday a fulfilling day!
There is also a shopping street around the house, and there are 100-yen shops, bakeries, and supermarkets.
Why don’t you start a shared life in Jiyugaoka, which is also recommended for women living alone?

The biggest  city in Chiba “Funabashi”.

It is about 6 min walk from “Funabashi” station to the sharehouse but there is another station “Higashi Kaijin” station in Toyo Kosoku Railway, 1 min walk from the sharehouse.


There are more than 30 rooms in this sharehouse and this is categorized into the big type of sharehouse in Interwhao but the common space is calm and relaxing.

All rooms are more than 6 tatami mats so it’s enough size for one person.

About 6 min walk from “Baraki Nakayama” station to the sharehouse.
There is a convenience store, drug store, supermarket, and some restaurants on the way to the shrehouse, so this is recommended for a busy person.
The sharehouse is located in a quiet residential area so you can relax in here ♪

There is a small yard behind the house, so we and residents grow some vegetables together!

It is a 15-minute walk from the popular Tokyu Denentoshi Line “Futako Tamagawa Station”!
It is a small house with 10 rooms. It is a fairly multinational house with a foreign resident rate of 90%.
The size of the room is 6 tatami to 7.5 tatami + veranda.
Futako Tamagawa is right in front of you, so it’s recommended for those who like running and cycling.

About 13 minutes by train from Takadanobaba Station.
The nearest neighborhood is full of downtown emotion but a very friendly town.
It is recommended for those who want to live calm down!

You can use two lines, the Yamanote Line and the Marunouchi Line, making it a very convenient place to commute to work or school in Tokyo.

There are many supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants around the property, so

you don’t have to worry about eating out or shopping.

There is also a kitchenette in each room, so shared facilities are only toilet, washing machine and shower room.




What did you think?
6 recommended properties of Interwhao are under the discount campaign with more than six months of your contract now that costs 50,000 yen for 6 months (including water, electricity, gas, internet)!
“I want to live in Tokyo, rent is high to pay.”
“I need to move to or near Tokyo but the initial cost is expensive.”
These sharehouses are recommended for such everyone!
By all means at this opportunity, Please contact us. We are looking forward to your inquiry!
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Recommended House!
  • Renewal Open in March 20th!!

    Firsthouse Haneda Otorii is close to the entrance to the world which is Haneda Intenational Terminal station with 4 min for 3 stops. Also, you can come to the house without waiting for the traffic light with only 3 min walk. 14 min for Shinagawa station, and 28 min for Higashi Ginza station.

    In this nice place for a good for international job, a room in the 2nd floor is 13.8㎡, and one in the 1st floor is 12㎡. The shower room and water sink is only for women in the 2nd floor.

  • Firsthouse Omori is only 8 min walk from Omori station in JR Keihin Tohoku Line where it is 2 next stops from Shinagawa station. You can go to Yokohama station by train for 18 min. Therefore, it’s very easy to go not only to Tokyo direction but to Yokohama area!Supermarkets, convenience stores, and drug store are very close to the sharehouse so this environment must be convenient compared to other areas in Omori.  Common spaces and some rooms have been renovated in 2017, so you may really like this sharehouse!

  • The size of all rooms are about 10㎡ with good sunshine!! Shower rooms and bathrooms are separated in men and women. And the entrance is electric auto-locked so the security is good!! Since it is close to the station, it is convenient to go for shopping at a supermarket, convenience stores, book stores, drug stores, cafes, and so on.