Ma Maison Kami-Shakujii(Women only/Tokyo)

House manager

Ryo Kato
Ryo Kato

I aim to make a comfortable sharehouse!


3-chome Kamishakujii Nerima-ku Tokyo

<Conditions of residents>

●From 18 to 39 year old


Rent: 42,500 ~58,500 yen
○Handling Fee (Only in checking in) : 30,000 yen
○Utilities fee : 12,000円 yen
○Two people living : 10,000 yen added

<The Nearest Station>

○Seibu Shinjuku Line Kamisyakuji Station 7 min walk

<Main Station>

○13 min to Takadanobaba Station(Next to Shinjuku)
○15 min to Seibu Shinjuku Station


9 rooms


2 floors

No car parking lot but bicycle parking lot available

Women Only

<Room Facilities>

Light/Air Conditioner/ Bed/ Refrigerator/ Internet/Bed/Desk/Chair

<Common Facilities>

Kitchen/Kitchen Utensils/ Bathroom/Shower/Washing machine/Dryer/Iron/Vacuum Cleaner

Promotion Now!

For those who have a contract for 6 months or more, the first monthly rent is half price! ! 50% off!
And! The rent after the second month is discounted 3,000 yen every month! 

※ As soon as the room runs out, it is discontinued.


● 6 months contract
● 18 years to 30s
● Those who entered a contract by July 31st
● Those who can enjoy the share house and have affinity

* In the case of early termination, it will be necessary to pay for the discount difference.

Pick up report!

    • International Party @ Kamisyakuji (Nerima, Tokyo) ♪
    • party / event

      International Party @ Kamisyakuji (Nerima, Tokyo) ♪

      Hello!! This is Kato, the house manger of Ma Maison Kamisyakuji! This time, the home party took place at Ma Maison Kamisyakuji with beautiful foreigners!!   The place was the backyard of this women only property. Coincidentally, there was no Japanese participants but the foreign residents gathered miraculously ^ ^   2 Koreans, 1 Chinese, 1 Vietnamese, 1 Filipino, 1 Greek, 1 Swedish, and 3 Italians! Totally, 11 beautiful girls joined this!! What brought you to Japan?? So let me do some short introduction of the participants. It may be long if I introduce each by each, so let’s go countries by countries.   For Korean, one works at a […]


    • Ma Maison Kamisyakuji♪Spring festival& wind
    • party / event

      Ma Maison Kamisyakuji♪Spring festival& wind

      ★Spring has come!  Hello, the weather is getting hotter, and the Sakura (Cherry blossom) is good time to see! ★Party!  But today was rainy and windy in the morning even it was weak. We started the party from noon in the yard. Some residents got sick because of the season and temperature turning low to high, and high to low. So this time, less participants… Main meal is meat as always, and theme is Korean BBQ! One resident was looking forward to this party so she said that she ate only one rice ball in the morning!! Please eat as much as you can!! Because they are talking about girls’ […]


Inquiry about this house

9:00 am~8:00 pm

Vacancy information

Room Number Photo Rent Utility
(Every month)
Handling fee
(Only checking in)
Total amount/first month Inquiry
Room size Availability Remarks
  • 部屋画像
  • 部屋画像
51,000yen 12,000yen 30,000yen 93,000yen Inquiry
9.2㎡ Occupied Two windows!
  • 部屋画像
44,000yen 12,000yen 30,000yen 86,000yen Inquiry
7.7㎡ Vacant
  • 部屋画像
  • 部屋画像
42500 yen 12000 yen 30000 yen 84500 yen Inquiry
8.7㎡ Occupied Promotion Now!
  • 部屋画像
  • 部屋画像
54,000yen 12,000yen 30,000yen 96,000yen Inquiry
10.51㎡ Occupied Promotion Now!
  • 部屋画像
57,000yen 12,000yen 30,000yen 99,000yen Inquiry
15㎡ Vacant
  • 部屋画像
58,500yen 12,000yen 30,000yen 100,500yen Inquiry
15㎡ Occupied There is balcony!

Inquiry about this house

9:00 am~8:00 pm

Area information

  • Kamisyakujii Station

    Kamisyakujii Station is located in a residential quiet place but there are many kinds of stores and restaurants; drug stores, convenience stores, and supermarkets.

  • 24 hours open supermarket

    This supermarket is 24 hours open and cheap anyway.
    Most people are glad to have this supermarket within a walking distance.

  • Drug store

  • Supermarket

  • Flower shop

  • Discounted book store

From House Manager

Ryo Kato
Ryo Kato

Ma Maison Kamisyakuji has been reformed last year, so the house is neat and tidy in addition to cleaness.
There is a table in the yard in front of the house with roof, so you could have a nice time with communicating with other residents♪
I have set a flower planter these days for more women-like sharehouse.
This house is located in a residential and quiet area so you should lead a slow time in here!

Inquiry about this house

9:00 am~8:00 pm

Inquiry about this house

9:00 am~8:00 pm
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