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  • Renewal Open in March 20th!!

    Firsthouse Haneda Otorii is close to the entrance to the world which is Haneda Intenational Terminal station with 4 min for 3 stops. Also, you can come to the house without waiting for the traffic light with only 3 min walk. 14 min for Shinagawa station, and 28 min for Higashi Ginza station.

    In this nice place for a good for international job, a room in the 2nd floor is 13.8㎡, and one in the 1st floor is 12㎡. The shower room and water sink is only for women in the 2nd floor.

  • Firsthouse Omori is only 8 min walk from Omori station in JR Keihin Tohoku Line where it is 2 next stops from Shinagawa station. You can go to Yokohama station by train for 18 min. Therefore, it’s very easy to go not only to Tokyo direction but to Yokohama area!Supermarkets, convenience stores, and drug store are very close to the sharehouse so this environment must be convenient compared to other areas in Omori.  Common spaces and some rooms have been renovated in 2017, so you may really like this sharehouse!

  • The size of all rooms are about 10㎡ with good sunshine!! Shower rooms and bathrooms are separated in men and women. And the entrance is electric auto-locked so the security is good!! Since it is close to the station, it is convenient to go for shopping at a supermarket, convenience stores, book stores, drug stores, cafes, and so on.

I want to run but it’s raining( 一一)
August 16, 2021

Good morning, I’m Mori that loves exercise (‘ω’) ノ

How was your Obon holiday?

I think there were many people who had to refrain from corona vortex.

Moreover, it rains …

It rained heavily in Kanto, though not as much as in Kyushu.

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to those who suffered damage.


By the way, if it rains continuously, I can only do muscle training on my days off, but recently I am. .. ..

“I want to try a marathon!”, so I ran almost every day.


Originally, I don’t like long distance. I was in a basketball club. (That doesn’t mean I’m good at shuttle runs. Lol) Even at school, I was average.


However, I was suddenly driven by the desire to “I want to push to the limit!” And “I want to compete!” (* ´ 艸 `)


So I started practicing from the beginning of July. But now I’m just building a foundation and running slowly over long distances.

Monthly mileage in July]


Monthly mileage in August



I don’t think the distance is accurate because both are measured by the adidas running app, but I’m running that much now.

The day I write this blog is 8/16, but first of all, I am aiming for 100km a month. Maybe I can achieve it!

If I can achieve it, I would like to extend it to 150km and 200km a month next time!


* By the way, the image of this blog is the Tama River, but it seems that the distance of the Tama River riverbed exceeds 50km.

* The Tama River itself is 138km


Citizen runners who run 300km or 500km a month are really amazing (゚ Д ゚)

If you become a businessman or a professional, you will exceed 1000km a month …


When I run without a mask, the eyes of people who pass each other are scary, so I always run during times when there are no people (especially in the early morning). If you use a mask, you will get sweaty and fluffy, so I cover my mouth only when I pass by a person with a hand towel. Infection prevention measures are taken as much as possible (^^) /


As it is located on the riverbed of the Tama River, the wind is comfortable and you can run in an environment that is not too hot, making it a popular spot for runners. When running or exercising, take preventive measures against infection and try to live comfortably with each other.



●Share house near Tamagawa

Firsthouse Futako Tamagawa

Firsthouse Futako Mizonokuchi 100+a

Firsthouse FutakoMizonokuchi 100+b


We look forward to hearing from you! (^^)!