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Walking around * Ma maison Nishi-Magome@Gotanda

Walking around * Ma maison Nishi-Magome@Gotanda

Hello! I’m Ogawa from Interwhao.

It’s the rainy season, so I think there are many people who can’t go out because it rains on their holidays.

I hope there will be more days when the rainy season ends sooner and you can go out!


By the way, this time I would like to introduce you because I took a walk around “Gotanda Station”,

which is near the women-only property “Ma Maison Nishi-Magome”.


Gotanda station to introduce can be reached in just 8 minutes from “Nishimagome” station where the property is located!


The first one I would like to introduce is “Gotanda Fureai Mizube Hiroba”, which is a 6-minute walk from the station.

If you walk from the station, there is an entrance to go along the river.



When walking along the river ……



There was a square! It is located in the center of the buildings.

There was also a small bench, so some people were spending time in the square for a break!


Next to the square, there is also a rest area called “Sakura Terasu Gotanda”, a community contribution facility.




The inside looks like this.

The seats are separated by partitions and there are also single seats,

so it seemed like you could spend a relaxing time looking at the outside scenery.

In the hot summer, it’s a good idea to evacuate to this rest area.

In addition to the rest area, there is also a gallery area and a restaurant, which are currently closed.

I heard that the gallery used to hold exhibitions and events, so I thought I would like to go there again when I reopen.



The Meguro River is in front of the square, and you can walk along the river.

The road is wide and clean, so it looks like a good walk course.


And when I was walking along the river, I found a small dock!



I couldn’t find a boat, but when I was curious and investigated, it seems that the Meguro River tour was also held by boat during the cherry-blossom viewing season at the newly constructed dock three years ago!

It’s amazing that you can enjoy a cruise in such a place! !!


There was also a rental bicycle along the river, so it seems that you can cycle lightly on a sunny day ~


And along the river, there was a cafe called “Times CAFE” by Times company, who is famous for car parking, so I visited there.

The inside was spacious.



The terrace seats are also large, and you can see the green in front of you, so it feels cool.




There are many restaurants around Gotanda Station, and it is very crowded with people, but when I walked a little, I felt something strange about nature.

You can walk to Shinagawa Station and Meguro Station within a 30-minute walk, so walking while taking a detour seems to be stress-relieving.


I thought it was a very fulfilling place to go on holidays.

This time, I introduced the area around Gotanda Station, which is near “Ma Maison Nishi-Magome”.

And “Ma Maison Nishimagome” is located just a 4-minute walk from Nishimagome Station on the Toei Asakusa Line.

Gotanda station can be reached in 8 minutes, Shimbashi station in 19 minutes, and Shinagawa station in 18 minutes.

Also, Nishimagome station is the first station, so you can always sit down even during busy morning hours.


Also, there are supermarkets and convenience stores in the vicinity, so even busy people

It’s nice to be able to shop quickly before going home ^^

Such Ma Maison Nishi-Magome is a female-only studio type property.

All rooms have furniture! !!

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us ♪



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