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Nakano Heiwa Peace Park

Nakano Heiwa Peace Park
Hello! I'm Matsuzaki, in charge 
of the 
Shinjuku / Ikebukuro area, 
and stays at home during 
the summer holidays.

Don’t forget to take measures against heat stroke and infection when you go out!


What kind of image do you have when you hear “Nakano”?

First of all, you may think of the Sun Mall shopping street in front of the station and Nakano Broadway.



Even in such a big city, Nakano, there are actually many places where you can refresh yourself with a lot of nature.


This time, we went for a walk around the park near Cozy share Nakano, a newly built 3-year-old property in a good location, an 8-minute walk from the north exit of JR / Tokyo Metro and Nakano Station, and a 10-minute walk from Araiyakushi-mae Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line.


Heiwa Park

Nakano Ward Heiwa no Mori Park 
is located along Heiwa Koen-dori 
in Arai 3-chome, Nakano-ku, 
and is a 10-minute walk north 
of Cozy share Nakano in 
Arai 1-chome, 
so it's a perfect distance 
for walking or jogging 
in the gap time.




A small waterfall with 
a cool babbling sound
welcomes you in the 
shade of lush and nice trees.

On a vast site with a 
total area of ​​about 
55,000 square meters, 

・ Multipurpose exercise 
open space 

Students are practicing 
soccer and playing 
catch with their parents.

・ Grassland Square 
・ 300m track
A full-scale 300m 
track comparable 
to an athletics 

・ Trim playset
Many workout playsets 
for adults

Detailed explanations are 
provided from how to 
use each playset to 
three long and short 
walking and jogging 
according to purpose.
While the site is rich 
in nature such as 
forests, flowers and 
waterfalls, the jogging 
course is firmly paved 
with asphalt, 
so you can exercise 
firmly while feeling 
nature on both sides.

・ BBQ site There is also a barbecue area in the shade of the park!
BBQ tools can be rented, so you can easily enjoy it with your housemates and friends.
There’s a waterside square,

There are athletics and 
bathing areas that are 
very popular with children, 
and there are plenty of 
facilities that children 
and the elderly can 
enjoy regardless of generation.

And and!
This is not the only thing 
that is serious about 
this Peace Park.
The towering tower to the 
southeast of the site is ...

Kirin Lemon Sports Center!

In addition to enjoying indoor 
sports such as basketball, 
table tennis, and futsal even 
on rainy days, in the main 
arena in the three-story building.
You can also dance and yoga 
in the multipurpose room.

There is even a stylish cafe 
where you can take a break 
after exercising, so it's astute!
How was Nakano-ku Heiwanomori 
Park, which is full of fun to 
blow away the lack of exercise?

Our share house, 
an 8-minute walk from 
Nakano Station and 
a 10-minute walk from 
the Heiwanomori Park 
introduced this time.
Cozy share Nakano 
(8 minutes walk from
JR Nakano Station, 
10 minutes walk from 
Araiyakushi-mae Station 
on the Seibu Shinjuku Line) 
is a newly built 3 year old building, 
5 minutes to Shinjuku 
and 6 minutes to Takadanobaba!

By the way, 
there is another 
Cozy share Ikebukuro Nishi, 
about a 15-minute walk 
north of Peace Park!

If you are interested in it, 
please come visit us! 
(You can also preview 
online with Zoom!)

Click here for 
property details 
and inquiries ↓!
Cozy Share Nakano
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