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First house Omori walk around report!!

First house Omori walk around report!!

Hello ^^

First House Omori. House Manager Kinoshita. Everyone! Here is the Omori area in Ota Ward! !! In recent years, there have been more residences and more wonderful restaurant and some cafe. I have taken a walk around Omori where I feel that it will develop further, so I would like to introduce it to you.

Omori, a traditional town

Omori is close to the terminal station where various people come and go, and you can reach Haneda Airport in about 20 minutes. Omori Station has access to JR Keihin Tohoku Negishi Line, so you can easily access various major stations in the metropolitan area! !! Since there is Omorikaigan Station nearby, you can also use the Keikyu line. 6 minutes to Shinagawa station, 17 minutes to Tokyo station!! Recommended for people who often travel for work.

There are supermarkets, stores and large shopping centers around Omori Station.There are plenty of large supermarkets such as Tokyu Store and Ito-Yokado so you don’t have to worry about shopping for daily necessities.  In addition, it opened in 1984 as Japan’s first cinecon in SEIYU, which is open 24 hours a day. There is a movie theater. In addition, there are many stores that are convenient for daily life, such as home electronics mass retailers and 100-yen shops.

Atre, which is adjacent to Omori Station, has plenty of restaurants, so it is recommended for dining out after work. In addition, UNIQLO includes ABC Mart, Starbucks, etc.

Izakaya and coffee shops where you can feel the retro style of the Showa era when you walk along the shopping street in front of the station.

At the end of the work, drink a hoppy and be happy…

Easy to live in!!

・Good access to the terminal station

・Convenient for shopping with large commercial facilities

・There are many shopping streets and it is convenient for shopping for daily necessities.

・There are plenty of restaurants


When you go Heiwajima you will find “Omori Hometown Beach Park and Omori East Waterfront Sports Square” that the whole family can enjoy. It is perfect for spending active time at beach volleyball fields and futsal courts!!

Children are also happy. )^o^


Next >>>>>> House Manager Kinoshita’s recommended local cafe, stylish restaurant,

A delicious shaved ice shop.

① Stylish cafe *PERCH COFFEE* where you can feel the warmth of wood

Homemade Lemonade

Sandwiches and coffee

It was a cozy local cafe and homey space where people from the   neighborhood and regulars often come.                      I would like to visit again.


② Stylish cafe/restaurant *HAGARE* where you can enjoy lunch.                                                                                   Lunch and drinks at the Cardi Coffee Farm series, a minute’s walk from Omori Station                                                 Can be tasted easily. As the wine bar has an adult atmosphere, there is a lot of wine inside. They are lined up, but   there is also a lunch menu during the day) ^o^(

③ Volumey and stylish shaved ice *Tokyo Shave Ice Necogoori*

7 minutes walk from Omori station. A lineup of shaved ice with a unique flavor, It is a specialty store.                             I went during the daytime on weekdays, but it’s so popular that I can line up. I got this has cup taste.It was so delicious!! I really recommend it.

Everyone! !! So far, I have introduced various things around Omori.                                                                                  Here, the second bullet

15 minutes walk from Omori station! !! I went to the Shinagawa Aquarium.

What kind of share house is First House Omori? ? about

I would like to introduce it on the next page.

to be continued…


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