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Recommended House!
  • 62 rooms of the sharehouse, 12 min walk away from Mizonokuchi station in Tokyu Denentoshi Line, Oimachi Line, and JR Nanbu Line! Residents are mainly in the age of 20’s, and about half of residents are foreigners! There are regularly house event held so this is one of the best recommended houses for beginners as well.

    12 min for Jiyugaoka, 14 min for Shibuya, 20 min for Kawasaki. Very convenient place!!

  • 10 min walk from Aobadai station in Tokyu Denentoshi Line, 12 walk from Tookaichiba station in JR Yokohama Line.

    This sharehouse is very international since more than 50 % of residents are from foreigners. The huge living space has herringbone style floor, and billiard board with bar-like atmosphere.
    The room size is 13.2㎡ so you can have open-minded life in this sharehouse!

  • Only 4 min walk from Ichigao station in Denentoshi Line! Since it is close to the station, you can find 100 yen shop, convenience stores, and supermarket which is open 24 hours! The room size is 9.9 ㎡ and 12㎡ so you can feel open-minded in this sharehouse!

  • Easy access to not only in many ares of Chiba prefecture but also to the central of Tokyo from Funabashi station! It takes about 5 min walk from Funabashi station and the convenience store is close to the house too! You can buy anything you need at Funabashi station!!

    The house entrance is electric auto-locked and the residents are friendly. So you can stay here with the safety and relax!

  • Furnished studio apartment in Shinjuku area!! 5 minutes on foot from Wakamatsu Kawada station on the Toei Oedo Line! All rooms with a complete set of washing machine, refrigerator, curtain etc!

    It is a good location that you can go to Iidabashi station directly – 6 minutes/ Shinjuku – 10 minutes, and also to the business district of Tokyo quickly!

    Also, 12 minutes walk to Higashi Shinjuku station of the next station, Metro Fukutoshin Line can also be used and you can go to Shibuya and Ikebukuro without changing trains!

  • Very close to the station, Minami Urawa station in JR Keihin Tohoku Line, only 3 min walk! You can buy anything since it’s close to the station and easy access to your work place and school. The common spaces and rooms have been renovated in summer 2017 for being high-graded sharehouse.

  • Only 8 min walk from Omori station in JR Keihin Tohoku Line! Very convenient access to Tokyo, Shinbashi, and Yokohama, Kawasaki direction without transferring a train! Common spaces and rooms have been renovated this year so you can have fresh and clean space in here!

  • New opening in July 15th 2019! The interior is completely renovated, and was born in a place where is 5-minute walk from Fujimigaoka station in Keio Inokashira Line! You can stop by 24-hour supermarkets and convenience stores very close to the sharehouse!

  What is Interwhao’s sharehouse (Guesthouse)?
Let’s find the suitable room for you! Recommended property!
まだ、家賃に月収の半分を費やしますか? まだ、一人ポツンと夜、灯りを付ける生活を続けますか?まだ、受け売りの一般の物件だけにこだわりますか? まだ、毎日1時間半、満員電車だけの生活を続けますか?
We Interwhao do the best to make more comfortable and cleaner environment to live by providing a room with a key and private room.

  Interwhao’s suggestion

Interwhao’s sharehouse have been 17 years this year since we started the business. We keep focusing the concepts of our own style of sharehouse.   The concepts are, ①moderate relationship+②private rooms+③reasonable fees→continuous and stable management of sharehouse ①+②+③ makes harmony and system for 17 years with not only our staff but also residents as well. Also, water, gas, electricity and internet are included into the utilities fee which is 12,000 yen as fixed fee.

17 years have passed since we started this business of sharehouse in Tokyo, Kanagawa (Yokohama & Kawasaki), Chiba, and Saitama Prefecture. We manage 1050 rooms for total. Thanks to the owners of properties and residents, we have grown year and year with providing a completely private room. (You can stay with one more person)

※Please feel free to call us or e-mail us for more details : 0120-929-959 (From AM9:00 to PM8:00)

3 features of the share house( guest house) provided by the Interwhao.

1The guidance for good Life in Share house ~Share knowledge and experience with residents~
We have staff in each areas, which we call “House coordinator”. They serve as your guide to Tokyo life, helps reduce your burden of paying initial costs and finding a guarantor, which is a normal problem among foreigners when finding a place to stay in Japan. And will support your concerns while you are with us.
share house(guest house)
1The guidance for Fun Life in Share house~To provide a place for good communication~
House coordinators are in charge of 120 to 130 residents. Residents and House coordinator have a relationship of trust. The trust relationship is helping House party, Hiking, BBQ and International party.
share house(guest house)
1The guidance for Safety Life in Share house~There is the adviser~
When changing your job or college, each House coordinator offers room depending on your necessity. If you want more privacy, they will introduce a studio apartment. But if you want to make friends, share house (Guest House) is a great choice. House coordinator is you advisor to share house life.
share house(guest house)

Why share house will be noted?

Share house and share room is common in foreign countries. The demand of share house has increased in Japan, and the numbers is increasing around the city. The people want to reduce the initial cost and rent. Not only that, they want to meet with various people to spend a nice life in the city.
シェアハウス・ゲストハウス 写真

◆There is share in various market.

Human resources
A temporary staff agency
Part‐time job

Works when company need a specialist.

Share office

Share a conference room and copy machine.

Car sharing

Use only when you need a car.

Time at school

Learn from professional school

To go

Share the foods with family.

Sharing ideas has become more common between consumers and providers.

Living in a share house

Concrete example 1
When you move in from suburbs or abroad to the metropolitan area. Normally you ask the nearest real estate agency.

In case you are working in Sangenjaya (close to Shibuya)

You will rent a room around Nagatsuta,Chuorinkan along a Denentoshisen. You will need to pay one month rent is 65,000 yen plus key money, one month deposit, and another payment to the real estate agency.

There are many cases like these. Initial cost will be 220,000 yen, which includes fire insurance.

It often happens, that foreigners are not allowed to move in without a guarantor.

If you will work as a language teacher, waiter or the same sort around Sangenjaya , salary is about 200,000 yen. Depending on the person, The average of utility fee is about 15,000 yen (include: Gas, Water, Internet, Electricity). And commuting takes about 1 hour to 45 minutes.

There are many cases full transportation expenses are not paid. Budget for food is about 50.000 yen. 200,000yen ? ( rent 65,000 yen + utility fee 15,000 yen + transportation expenses 5,000 yen + Budget for food 50,000 yen)= 65,000 yen

First House Sangenjaya share house” provided by the Interwhao. The initial cost of 200,000 yen ( insurance, brokerage fee, key money deposit) is not required. Total cost ( rent, internet, water, gas etc…) is about 70,000 yen. With Interwhao you will be able to live in place within 15 to 30 minutes away from your work place with the said amount, compared to other share house which usually takes up to 45 minutes to 1 hour commuting area to be able to get the same deal.

In the said case, we offer “First House Ichigao (which is 22 minutes away) “/ First House Miyamaedaira (18 minutes away)”

The monthly cost will be cheaper to live in shared house of “First House Sangengaya”. House Coordinator also organizes house parties for all of the tenants and friends. And help you to be able to live and have fun with your friends and enjoy your life here in Japan.

Suggestion from interwhao
If you chose share house, you do not need to spend on unwanted fees. Helps you reduce your commuting time to go to work or school, lessen your time alone and get more free time to spend with your friends.You can afford urban living and also get more free time.

The average commute time will take you 1 hour and half, but if you are leaving near in one of the houses of Interwhao, you can use that time to work. In japan, working 9 hours in a week can gain you 50,000 yen. Might be able to make money for your future endeavors.

We believe your life will change by living in share houses. We have met many residents who say this every year.

The Life a steady-going
There was a movie called “share house” which is about of women living in share houses. Interwhao also has share house for women only. However, real life is not like movies.

In the future, it is difficult to earn an income over 200,000 yen. (not only Japan but also the US and Europe).Because Brazil, China, India and other countries can work the same or more at a much lower wage than the developed countries of Europe and the United States and Japan.

interwhao offers rooms at reasonable prices, and a good Life.

The time to share

The idea of sharing have already spread in the world and Japan as well. interwhao wish you will be happy in our share house. Every morning, we would like our tenants to think that they had a happy and enjoyful life here. That is our Share house.

Let’s create a positive and aggressive life together. Among the peopele living in the interwhao guest house. House coordinator can not make a good share house without the help of its tenants. Everyone is living together, so we can spend more comfortable life with the help and cooperation of every residents. Why don’t you help us improve our share houses together with interwhao?

Of course, each staff of interwhao will support your life while you are with us!

interwhao staff

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