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Ma Maison Sangenjyaya(Women Only)

House manager

Ryo Matsuzaki
Ryo Matsuzaki

Enjoy this house with following the house rules!


5-chome Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


42,000~69,000 yen
○Handling fee (Only checking in) 30,000 yen
○Utilities fee 12,000 yen
○Two people living 10,000 yen added to every month

Nearest station

○Tokyu Dennentoshi Line Sangenjyaya station: 13 min walk

Main station

○5 min to Shibuya station


6 rooms (4~6 tatami mats)


2 floors

Women only

Common facilities

Kitchen/Kitchen utensils/Shower/Toilet/Washing machine/Dryer/

Room facilities

Electricity/Air conditioner/ Refrigerator/ Internet/ Bed or sofa bed/ Desk/ Chair

Inquiry about this house

9:00 - 20:00

Vacancy information

Room Number Photo Rent Common
service fee
(Every month)
Handling fee
(Only checking in)
Total amount/first month Inquiry
Room size Availability Remarks
  • 部屋画像
  • 部屋画像
69,000yen 12,000yen 30,000yen 111,000yen Inquiry
10㎡ Occupied
  • 部屋画像
  • 部屋画像
42,000yen 12,000yen 30,000yen 84,000yen Inquiry
6.6㎡ Occupied

Inquiry about this house

9:00 - 20:00

Area information

  • Famous kick boxing gym

    One of the most K-1 Japanese fighter, Masato, belongs to this gym!

  • Carrot Tower

    Tower in front of Sangenjyaya station is opened till late night.
    On 26th floors, you can go inside and enjoy the night viewing for free!

  • Subway

  • Starbucks coffee

  • Rental DVD shop

  • Fitness club

From house coordinator

Ryo Matsuzaki
Ryo Matsuzaki

Women only sharehouse in one of the most famous cities "Sangenjyaya" 12 min walk to the nearest station but only 5 min to Shibuya station.
If you have a bike, you can ride on it to Shibuya as well.

It may be happy for busy people. You don't have to worry about the last train at night.

The house is in a quiet residential area, so you can live in here with calm environment.

Inquiry about this house

9:00 - 20:00
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Inquiry about this house

9:00 - 20:00