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Recommended House!
  • Furnished studio apartment in Shinjuku area!! 5 minutes on foot from Wakamatsu Kawada station on the Toei Oedo Line! All rooms with a complete set of washing machine, refrigerator, curtain etc!

    It is a good location that you can go to Iidabashi station directly - 6 minutes/ Shinjuku - 10 minutes, and also to the business district of Tokyo quickly!

    Also, 12 minutes walk to Higashi Shinjuku station of the next station, Metro Fukutoshin Line can also be used and you can go to Shibuya and Ikebukuro without changing trains!
  • NEW OPEN, July 2018! Only 5 min walk from the house to the nearest station, Higashi Nagasaki in Seibu Ikebukuro Line, where it takes only 4 min for Ikebukuro St.

    The house entrance is electric auto-locked and 3rd floor is only for women. So There is the nice environment that women live here safely.

    Even though it is close to the station, the house is in a quiet residential area so that you can separate your life from work!

    You should check this sharehouse if you want a relaxing life and good access to Ikebukuro!!
  • The nearest station is Mizonokuchi station in Tokyu Dennentoshi Line, Ooimachi Line, & Musashi Mizonokuchi station in JR Nanbu Line, so it's very convenient to commute to Shibuya station and Shinagawa direction by Tokyu Line, and Kawasaki station by JR Nanbu Line. Lots of residents are from foreign countries and you will have a lot of chances to meet many kinds of people here!
  • This house is very International and is full throughout a year! 3 min walk from Gumyouji Station. Famous for Cherry blossom♪This house is 3 min walk from Keikyu Gumyouji Station and 7 min walk from Yokohama municipal subway Blue-Line Gumyouji Station. If you get on Keikyu Line, you can go to Yokohama Station at 8 min
  • JR Keihin Tohoku Line Omori station is the nearest station, 7 min walk. You can go to Shinagawa, Kawasaki, Yokohama, and other metropolitan areas in Tokyo by this train! Supermarket, convenience stores, and drug stores are very close to the house, about 1 min walk. No worry about daily shopping around here!
  • The nearest station is Kamisyakuji station in Seibu Shinjuku Line, where it takes only 13 min for Takadanobaba which is the next Shinjuku station in JR Yamanote Line. The house is only 7 min walk from the nearest station in a quiet residential area which enable you to have a relaxing life here!
  • Currently, residents are in their 20’s and 30’s. A few of them are Japanese and most are from foreign countries. Shower, water basin, and washing machine are separated between men and women so you don’t have to care about different sex.
  • Very close to the station, Minami Urawa station in JR Keihin Tohoku Line, only 3 min walk! You can buy anything since it's close to the station and easy access to your work place and school. The common spaces and rooms have been renovated in summer 2017 for being high-graded sharehouse.
The third DIY @ Gumyouji where the new DAISO is just opened!!
September 7, 2018


I did DIY (Do it yourself) again @ Firsthouse Gumyouji!!

This time is the third one!!



The first one was to fix walls in the living room and water sink.

The second one was to replace the wall paper in a room.


And this time…

the floor in a room(^^)/

Firsthouse Gumyouji has 2 types of rooms, a normal private room with 6 tatami mats (about 10㎡) and 1DK.

This time, I am going to change the floor of 6 tatami mats room!

The floor was flooring, but it was a bit like a scrub due to aged deterioration over many years, so there were scratches, so I will finish it cleanly to welcome new residents(^o^)

Because it may be slightly plain, I will not appear this time…

(It is quite difficult to take a photo with Selphy while working・・・)


This time, I’ll paste the flooring material called CF (cushion floor) on the flooring.

Since you can purchase CF easily at the home center, it is reasonable and popular for people who like DIY as well as wallpaper.

As most CF’s are about 180 cm wide and about 90 cm in size, if the room width is over 180 cm, you need to purchase both 180 cm and 90 cm.

And here is the picture after completion.

Originally, since the floor was black flooring, it may have given a dark impression.

I think it turned out considerably bright by making it beige type CF(^_^)v

As the color got lighter, the room might look a bit wider.

Then I put some furniture.

Desk, chair, bed, curtain are brand-new ones.

(It took much time to set up(^_^;)

Compared to the first photo, it changed considerably!

Also, because the screen door was also torn, I applied this again neatly.

Since you can purchase webs and utensils at home centers.

And now there is YouTube, so if you do not know how to do it, you can check the work process with animation

(How convenient the world has become!!)


The newly emptied room is being repaired as needed from time to time.

I am trying to provide everyone with a nice room.


In Firsthouse Gumyouji, the common spaces and the interior are  being repaired which we can do when in need, I think  it is kept relatively clean.

There are some residents who moved in a few months ago, and the others have lived in for a few years.


Originally, First House Gumyouji tends to have many foreign residents and we have many inquiries from abroad since it is very convenient to commute to Shinagawa in Tokyo and Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture.


As there is also the possibility of losing your room, early inquiries and tours are recommended

I’m looking forward to have your inquiry from my heart♪


PS ①

DAISo (100 yen shop)  was opened with a few seconds on foot from the property!

There is no scary thing anymore for me。(Scared of what!?)

The equipment necessary for the house is now enough for even 100 yen shop to be enough, so I’m very happy!!

There is nothing to worry with life at shopping districts where vibrant downtown atmosphere drifts, near the station, supermarket convenience store, drug store, etc.


PS ②

I put a dining set in the room of 1 DK.

Of course we also accept couple and friends!

Let’s have fun together with Halloween and Christmas events!!



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