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  • Renewal Open in March 20th!!

    Firsthouse Haneda Otorii is close to the entrance to the world which is Haneda Intenational Terminal station with 4 min for 3 stops. Also, you can come to the house without waiting for the traffic light with only 3 min walk. 14 min for Shinagawa station, and 28 min for Higashi Ginza station.

    In this nice place for a good for international job, a room in the 2nd floor is 13.8㎡, and one in the 1st floor is 12㎡. The shower room and water sink is only for women in the 2nd floor.

  • Firsthouse Omori is only 8 min walk from Omori station in JR Keihin Tohoku Line where it is 2 next stops from Shinagawa station. You can go to Yokohama station by train for 18 min. Therefore, it’s very easy to go not only to Tokyo direction but to Yokohama area!Supermarkets, convenience stores, and drug store are very close to the sharehouse so this environment must be convenient compared to other areas in Omori.  Common spaces and some rooms have been renovated in 2017, so you may really like this sharehouse!

  • The size of all rooms are about 10㎡ with good sunshine!! Shower rooms and bathrooms are separated in men and women. And the entrance is electric auto-locked so the security is good!! Since it is close to the station, it is convenient to go for shopping at a supermarket, convenience stores, book stores, drug stores, cafes, and so on.

It is DIY boom in Interwhao
June 4, 2018


Today’s Kanagawa seems to be rising in temperature to around 28 to 29 degrees, and I would be sweaty every year this season…

From the end of last year at the Interwhao, we are doing renovations that we can do by ourselves, so-called DIY with various share houses.

Interior decoration is the main thing to say refurbishment. Each staff is working hard to change the wallpaper, change the CF (cushion floor), floor tile, carpet and provide better rooms to customers.


This time, we fixed some common spaces of the share house “First house Gumyouji” in the Minami-ku, Yokohama-shi, so I will report the results(^^)/


Firsthouse Gumyouji・・・

This property is located 3 minutes on foot from Keikyu Main Line Gumyouji Station, and 7 minutes on foot from Gumyouji Station on Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line.


On the way from the Blue Line to the station, hanging out at the Gumyouji shopping street

It is the best place to spend with friendly people who are full of humanity and humanity with the atmosphere of downtown packed in Gumyouji shopping area.

In addition, there are many bakery shops, standing drinking Izakaya,  and prepared meal shops near Gumyouji Station.


Also, you get supermarket, convenience store, drug store, restaurant, and fitness gym as well.

It’s about ten minutes to Yokohama Station, so this property is what we recommended for those who work in the vicinity of Yokohama


The contents of this refurbishment are simple things like just changing the wallpaper


But the walls are wide, are not they?

I wanna say to those who are thinking “nothing changes even if you change just the wallpaper”,

changing the wall changes the atmosphere a lot!!

Of course, the impression depends on the color and pattern of the wallpaper



The first one is water sink.

Although it was not particularly dirty, I thought that I want to change the wallpaper around the washstand to a one with a bright pattern.

Because the ratio of the women residents now is higher, I put the wallpaper of flower pattern this time.

Can you see it??

This photo with the first piece attached.

If you look closely, it is not a floral design …

But the new wallpaper is with light blue and light pink, it will you give a sense of cleanliness?


Well well… quite hard to see…lol

In this case, you should come and see this!!


When I met a resident by chance,

Me “How’s this wallpaper?”

She “It’s cute!”


It may be a flattering, but it is worthwhile to change it if you can say that.


Next is living room.

Although there are lots of plants, I will change the overall ornaments around here, the base of this space is white color so I thought from a while ago that I want to add something here as well.

I’ll move TV anyway.

You can see dark marks where there is a clock.

How’s this!?!?

I put a woodgrain tone wallpaper, I think that the atmosphere has changed considerably.

Because I’m not a craft workman,it took me about 2 hours to finish here…

In order to wipe around the paddy around, I use a cloth that I squeezed with water, but wipe the rust and go to wash the rag, wipe the rag and go to the wash again….


By the way, if you go to the home center, you also find wallpapers with paste, but I always buy wallpapers without paste.

BECAUSE…it is very heavy if I buy them with paste(-_-;)

Previously, when using wallpaper with paste, I have a kind of a trauma that the wallpaper has broken since the wallpaper becomes heavy with paste, so I’m doing it without it for a while.

It takes much time to just paste starch..

There is a machine for that but it cost about 3,000 US dollars.

If I’m engaged only in this task, it might be reasonable to purchase it but I’m not.

I’ll just do it by hands. lol


Finally, put the TV back in place and finish it。

The whole picture of the living room is like this. (I am thinking about exchanging tables.)

Originally, because it was white, a red sofa makes a nice contrast.

Next time, I will change the wallpaper of the vacancy, so I will try to upload it to our blog again as soon as it is completed.

First House Gumyoji evolves from time to time, please look forward to it.


Because there is a shared veranda that can afford space in this property, I think that we all want BBQ in the summer!

If you are interested in, please contact us!


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