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Recommended House!
  • Only 4 min walk to the house from the station, and 25 min to Shibuya station. How convenient! Rooms and common spaces have been renovated last year, and the house has been clean. Lots of friendly residents!
  • This house is very International and is full throughout a year! 3 min walk from Gumyouji Station. Famous for Cherry blossom♪This house is 3 min walk from Keikyu Gumyouji Station and 7 min walk from Yokohama municipal subway Blue-Line Gumyouji Station. If you get on Keikyu Line, you can go to Yokohama Station at 8 min
  • Currently, residents are in their 20’s and 30’s. A few of them are Japanese and most are from foreign countries. Shower, water basin, and washing machine are separated between men and women so you don’t have to care about different sex.
  • Very easy access to "Shinbashi" "Tokyo" "Yokohama" and "Kawasaki" from Omori station in JR Keihin Tohoku Line. 7 min walk
    to the house with 32 rooms. In Fall 2017, common spaces and rooms have been renovated for better living. Entrance is electric auto-locked door so don't worry about security. You can relax in huge kitchen
    and lounge space.
  • Very close to the station, Minami Urawa station in JR Keihin Tohoku Line, only 3 min walk! You can buy anything since it's close to the station and easy access to your work place and school. The common spaces and rooms have been renovated in summer 2017 for being high-graded sharehouse.
  • Only 3 min from the nearest station!
    This is a studio type of apartment, so you will have bathroom, shower, kitchen and bed! You just need to share a washing machine and dryer.
    If you would like to emphasize on your privacy rather than a sharehouse, we really recommend this one to you!
  • 40 rooms with good enough communication with Japanese and international residents! 3 train lines run along Mizonokuchi station so it is an easy access to Kawasaki, Shibuya, and other cities in Tokyo. Residents naturally gather in cafe-like lounge every night. All rooms are about 10.9㎡ with a balcony. Showers and bathrooms are separated in men and women.
  • 13 min walk from the nearest station but a supermarket is close and only 11 min for Yokohama station. Rooms are furnished so you just need to bedclothes, and your own clothes!
    It is located at a residential quiet area so you will have the calm life here.
    There is no deposit, guarantor, or key money.
Recommended sharehouses in Tokyo 東京都内でおすすめシェアハウス!
January 7, 2018

Happy new year everyone!

We started to operate from January 4th. And we’ve been busy to reply to the inquiries and to go check our sharehouses.



●January to March is the busiest season throughout the year

Generally speaking, January to March is the busiest season. Many people in Japan start a new life from April and prepare for new job and new school. According to it, they start to look for a new place to live and they move to another place actually.

Therefore, they compete to take a room. In January, not only sharehouse companies but also other real estate agency has some vacant rooms (will be vacant rooms as well).

If you find a property which you are interested in, you should inquiry as soon as possible, and check the availability, the atmosphere, and so on.

In March, it is possible to see unsold rooms if I express in a bad sense. Of course, unsold rooms are not always bad according to the proverb “there is a fortune to surplus”. But  you should act quicker to see many kinds of rooms.


●We Interwhao have sharehouses & apartment not only in Kanagawa but also Tokyo, Chiba, & Saitama prefecture

Our office is in Yokohama city, so our sharehouses and apartments locate mainly in Yokohama and Kawasaki city.

As you may know, almost all properties are good access to the cities of Tokyo.

To live in Tokyo tells us to pay more expensive rent. If you are worried about it, you should check our sharehouses in Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama prefecture which are easy access to main parts of Tokyo such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, and Ueno.


●But I would rather live in Tokyo!!

Generally speaking, living in sharehouse enable us to move in with cheaper initial costs than living in normal apartments (there is no deposit, guarantor, key money, or other fees in most of sharehouse companies). Also, most sharehouses provide furniture and consumer electronics in the house. So the total fee is much cheaper to live in sharehouses.


Depending on room sizes and the distance from the station, the rent varies. But the average rent of our properties in Tokyo is 60,000~70,000 yen including utilities fee.


Currently, the sharehouses below are recommended.

Firsthouse Oomori

Only 7 min walk to Oomori station in JR Keihin Tohoku Line, Oota-Ward, Tokyo.

A train goes to Shinagawa, Shinbashi, Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kawasaki without changing a train.

Rooms and common spaces have been renovated  last December.

8㎡: 60,000 yen/ 10 ㎡:64,500 yen.

There are supermarket, drug store, and discount store within 10 min walk from the house. So there is no worry about shopping.



Ma Maison Gakugeidaigaku

Only 7 min walk from Gakugeidaigaku station in Tokyu Toyoko Line, Meguro-Ward, Tokyo. Women only sharehouse.

A train goes to Shibuya and Yokohama directly.

The characteristic of this sharehouse is that there is a small kitchen in each room.

So the residents share only bathroom, shower, and washing machine.


The current vacant rooms are 現在の空室は、

10㎡:67,500 yen/ 12㎡:70,500

Meguro-Ward is one of the richest areas in Tokyo so it would be cheaper to live with this rent.


Also, we offer the special campaign for this sharehouse, “New Year Special Offer for Women Only

So if you think staying longer, you can apply for this campaign.


Firsthouse Tobu Nerima

Only about 5 min walk from Tobu Nerima station in Tobu Tojo Line, Nerima-Ward, Tokyo.

15 min for Ikebukuro station without changing a train.

Also, you can use Tokyo Metro line at “Chikatetsu Akatsuka station” which is about 10 min walk from this sharehouse.

You can go to Shibuya directly as well by this train.

10㎡:46,500 yen

The characteristic of this sharehouse is also that there is a small kitchen in each room.



Our concept is that “We do what we can do.” We don’t often ask the technicians and the professionals to renovate the house.

By doing so, we can cut the cost and provide a cheaper rent with low price and high quality at the same time.


Some sharehouses have gorgeous installments in the house such as billiard, soundproof room for music, fitness room, and so on but the rent is much higher.

Some people think “I wanna live there because there is …” But later on, “I’ll move out because I can’t pay this rent anymore”

Also, “I started to live here because I wanted to use it. But since everyone uses it, I can’t use it much”



We are making an effort to provide the basic level of lifestyle with reasonable rent, not unsatisfied living environment.

If you start to look for sharehouses, please ask yourself “What do I really need?”


Thank you for reading a whole article!

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