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“Tori no ichi” The biggest local event in Omori

“Tori no ichi” The biggest local event in Omori

There are local festivals and customs from ancient times all over the world.
Speaking in Japan, there are many places to dance “Bon Odori” in the summer.
Many people come to Japan from overseas in recent years, and even foreigners who stay in the short term can be seen who participate in the festival in Japan.
So I went to  “Tori no ichi” local festival today in Ota Ward, Tokyo!


What is “Tori no ichi”?

“Tori no ichi” is an open-market fair held at Otori-jinja Shrines around the country on the Days of the Cock in November every year.
It is believed to have begun during the Oei era at the beginning of the 15th century.
The harvest festival held by the residents of neighboring towns and villages is said to be the origin of Tori no ichi.


These accessories are called “Kumade”.

These are tools to gather grain, fallen leaves etc, so they are adorned and decorated for festive celebrations.


There are various sizes of “Kumade”, prices of tens of dollars to thousands of dollars are common.


The idea of “business prosperity” is put in this Kumade, and it changes over to a big size each year in accordance with growing business.

So at first it is common to buy from small ones.

Of course, even if it is too small, there may not be a benefit, so it would be better to decide what to buy according to the power you believe.

Otori shrine in the Omori shopping area

Despite three o’clock in the afternoon on weekdays, it was crowded with many people.


And in front of the shrine.

Otori shrine is usually quiet but today is a festival day, so I saw many stalls along the street.

(It is actually prosperous along this street especially at noon and night because there are lots of restaurants and small shops here)


Since it is around the time the school finishes, there were many students who eat what they like and talk with each other along the street.


In the evening …

The “Kumade” are vividly illuminated.

Today is the middle of November, Japan is almost winter.

However, this atmosphere feels like a summer festival somewhere.

I felt very calming.

In the shrine in the back, we also worshiped.


We prayed that sharehouses we operate can be larger.

We are aiming that we would like to operate a share house that can support you and that people don’t want to move out!

Because it is a special special day, our staff also bought Takoyaki and Kebab on a stall.
These two are especially my favorite things at a stall.
Takoyaki has long been a classic dish on Japanese stalls, but in recent years kebabs are also favored.

Look at these Kumade.

The level of Japanese craftsmen is awesome.

I myself think that this technology can not be easily managed for overseas people.

The kind men and women at a store told us “Come again next year!!”


Ootorii Shrine and Omori shopping street are about 2 min walk from Omori station in JR Keihin Tohoku Line.

By the way, our sharehouse “Firsthouse Omori” is about 7 min walk from Omori station.

I see a few foreign residents at this festival. I think everyone can enjoy this traditional festival.

Speaking in Omori station, there are lots of restaurants and business companies but on the other side, it is the residential area.


There are supermarket, drug store, and discount store near the sharehouse.

The town of Omori is a kind of old one, so some of residents in this area have lived for a long time.

I think that the local people are tend to be warm and kind.


You should check “Firsthouse Omori” with the calm and warm atmosphere!!


“Heiwa no Mori Park” is about 10 min walk from Heiwajima station.

It is about 25 min walk from Firsthouse Omori

This park seems to be the biggest park in 23 Ward in Tokyo.

The park is famous as a place to enjoy autumn leaves in Tokyo.

I saw many fishes in the pond and birds in the sky!

It must be good to have the relaxing place in the busy Tokyo life!

There is a fishing pond in Heiwa no Mori park.

We didn’t visit this time but there is an athletic park in this area.

Fresh whao boys.

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