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The furnished apartment recommended for telework in Shinjuku!

The furnished apartment recommended for telework in Shinjuku!

Due to the influence of corona, it is difficult to commute to work or attend school, so there are lots of people who live mainly on remote work and remote classes. Once the corona problem settles down, some may commute to work or attend school for the first time this season.


For those people, this time we would like to introduce a furnished apartment that has excellent access to Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, etc., which are popular in Tokyo!


Shinjuku Aparment


Shinjuku apartment is equipped with desks and chairs that are necessary for remote work, etc.!

When you actually sit down, you can see that there is a certain amount of space.

You can use Wifi for free, so you don’t need to do internet construction or contract separately!

There is also a full-length mirror, so you will look great when you commute to work or school!


The sun is very sunny right outside the room on the 1st floor, so you can place a garden chair and read a book, or use it as an outdoor cafe lounge, not just for remote work inside the room.

There is a washing machine in each room, and there is a clothes-drying space, so you can comfortably wash your clothes when the weather is nice.

In the kitchen, we also have supplies such as frying pans, kettles, and plates, so you can cook immediately after moving in. Even though this is a one-room,  you can have a cooking space between the IH stove and the sink!

The bathroom is a unit bath. It has the same equipment as a general apartment in Japan.

It also has a remote control for the water heater, so you can set the temperature of the hot water and the amount of hot water automatically, so it’s a nice facility for busy business people!

The property also has a delivery box, so you can receive your luggage even when you are not at home.

(If you can’t receive one when you are not at home, you need to call a delivery person or access to a certain website to get them deliver again, which may be kind of annoying…)

Bicycle parking is also available for free. If you live near Shinjuku, you can go to work or school without using a train.

Around the property

Shinjuku Apartment is located a 5-minute walk from Wakamatsu Kawada Station on the Toei Oedo Line,

and a 10-minute quick walk to Higashi-Shinjuku Station on the Toei Oedo Line and Fukutoshin Line.

Also, you can walk to Akebonobashi Station on the Toei Shinjuku Line in 10 minutes. So you can use 3 train lines.

Since it is near the station, convenience stores and supermarkets are very close! !! There are also fast food and cafes, so there is an environment where you can relax before and after work.

In addition, in terms of cost performance , a supermarket (its name is “Gyoumu Super”) is close which is great for those who like cooking.

Because now has the corona problem, it would be very helpful when there is an environment in the surroundings where you could easily come home and come back soon.

How much is the rent?


Rent:75,000 yen

Maintenance fee:6.000 yen

Handling fee:50,000 yen(Only in moving in)

Total initial cost:131,000 yen


Rent:78,000 yen

Maintenance fee:6.000 yen

Handling fee:50,000 yen (Only in moving in)

Total initial cost:134,000 yen

Corona eradication campaign in progress! (With expiration date)

We are currently conducting a “Campaign to Overcome Corona!”

First 4 rooms only!!


・More than 4 months contract・・・Handling fee, 2 months rent, 2 months maintenance fee will be half!! 

From 3rd month, 3,000 yen will be deduted from the normal rent during the contract! 



・By the age of 39

・Moving in by August 20th

・Can follow the rules

・No delay in payment

・Discounts continue up to March 2021

※For the time being, 2 people are not allowed to move in or visit friends.


So if you use campaign the above・・・


Rent :75,000 yen

→    37,500 yen

Maitenance fee :6.000 yen

→ 3,000 yen

Handling fee :50,000 yen(Only in moving in)

→    25,000 yen

Total initial cost:131,000 yen

→ 65,500 yen


Rent :78,000 yen

→    39,000 yen

Maitenance fee:6.000 yen

→ 3,000 yen

Handling fee :50,000 yen(Only in moving in)

→ 25,000 yen

Total initial cost:134,000 yen

→ 67,000 yen


Again, First 4 rooms only!!



We will provide special information about rooms canceled by corona effect for those who booked in April and May.

Nowadays, the number of people who are forced to take remote work/remote lessons and those who are moving to nearby areas to attend work or attend school is gradually increasing, but I still cannot feel relieved.


Let’s use this special campaign, prepare for going to school and attending school, and consider each other for a peaceful day!

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