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Shinjuku is the city where you can live calmly

Shinjuku is the city where you can live calmly

“Shinjuku”, the city in Tokyo that everyone knows.

It is the main business town that uncountable trains, cars, bicycles, and people go up and down.

I think that many people work in Shinjuku and around this area, but everyone really don’t know that this is actually a recommended area to live.

Along the big street such as “Meiji Doori”, and “Koushu Kaido” especially, lots of people and cars are running, but once you walk an alley or going to the next station one or two in the same Shinjuku, the atmosphere changes from crowded areas to quiet and calm ones.

Oasis in the big city “Shinjuku Gyoen”

Only 10-minute walking from the south exit of Shinjuku Station will open up a large garden with abundant nature.

It is just 10 min!! So much different world here! 


Many Japanese and foreign tourists come every day, and in the garden you can enjoy ice cream and simple food and drink, so you can take a calm stroll.

It’s also important to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you live in Shinjuku (or other close area), it’s the one of the places you definitely should visit.

Closer than thought!? “Korean Town Shin-Okubo”

It is only 10 min ride on bicycle・・・How close!! 

In Shin-Okubo, there are lots of shops that are sold cosmetics and miscellaneous goods only in Korea, and there are always many people waking up and down the street.

Also, not only Korean cuisine but also seasonings of Asian countries are sold here, it is very nice for those who like ethnic cuisine.

There are also many Cheese Hatgu and Cheese Dak-galbi shops!!


By the way, the restaurant that one of our staff, Mr. Kinoshita, recommends is

“Myeongdong Norimaki store”, a store that even one person can easily enter.

If you want to eat Cheese Dak-galbi store, “Central Sijan” store is recommended.



The strength of transportation

The nearest station to apartment is located a 5-minute walk from Wakamatsu-Kawada Station on the Toei Oedo Line, but “near the station” is not the only strength.

On foot from the property,

・ Toei Shinjuku Line Akebonobashi Station 10 minutes walk

・ Toei Oedo Line / Fukutoshin Line Higashi Shinjuku Station 12 minutes walk

And a total of 3 routes are available. This is the super merit here!


● If you use the Toei Oedo Line,

・ Daimon



・ Ryogoku

You can cross Tokyo, etc.

● If you use the Toei Shinjuku Line,

・ Ichigaya

・ Kudanshita

・ Jimbocho

You can easily go to the business district.

● If you use the Fukutoshin Line,

・ Ikebukuro



It’s easy to go out to play!

(Because it is a corona now, please refrain from it > <)


By the way, the area around Akebonobashi Station on the Toei Shinjuku Line is …

The front of the station is spacious and there is a lot of traffic, but surprisingly almost no one is walking.

I like the environment with few people, so I was thinking while walking, “There is such a relaxing place in Shinjuku Ward.”


However, I was surprised that there are many places around the station where you can spend a lot of time, such as the shopping street called “Akebo-dori” where you can find restaurants and other places where you can bouldering.


Because the station is small … it’s small but it’s very convenient!?


And near Higashi-Shinjuku Station on the Fukutoshin Line …

There is a worldwide company  “Square Enix”!!

The premises are open to the general public and are directly connected to Higashi Shinjuku Station.

There are many cafes and restaurants, and many business people use it.

How much the average of the rent in Shinjuku is?

“Isn’t expensive since it is Shinjuku?”

You may think this way…

You are right. In Shinjuku, I mean, in a whole Tokyo, the rent is more expensive than other areas.

The average rent of one room apartment in Shinjuku is approximately 1,000 US dollars. 


By the way, this amount is subject to the one room apartment within 10 min walk from the station.

(If it is 3LDK, the average rent is 5,400 US dollars…)

The average above is just the reference but you may understand how much cost you need to pay for the rent.

Plus, when you move in, you also need to pay…

・Brokerage fee


・Fire insurance

・Key money

・Fee for guarantee company (sometimes you don’t need to if you have a guarantor)


Generally speaking, it is said that the initial cost is 3~4 times of the rent.


What about Interwhao’s Shinjuku one room apartment?


All rooms are furnished with kitchen utensils.

Also, the internet is already installed in this building, so the things you need to contract are electricity, water, and gas.


・1F:83,000 yen

・2F3F:85,000 yen

●Maintenance fee:5,000 yen

●Handling fee : 50,000 yen (Only for the first month, not refundable)

It cost only rent, maintenance fee, and handling fee! 

The handling fee is less than 1 month rent, so it is much cheaper than that you rent a room from a real estate agency because you need to pay deposit, brokerage fee, etc…


Each room has a veranda for drying clothes.

Also, in the common spaces,

there are delivery boxes and bicycle parking lots, so you can receive the delivery even if you are not at home.

And if you have a bicycle, you can go to Shinjuku Gyoen and Shin-Ookubo for relaxing and shopping easily.

If you are a student of Waseda University, you can commute there by bicycle.


“I hesitate to live in urban area….”

If you think this way, Shinjuku are is quite nice environment for living as well since there are some natures and residential areas.

Especially our property “Shinjuku apartment” is far from the big street, so it is located in a quiet place.

There is an environment that you can heal the stress from work and study here, so please stop by!!

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