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*Report of walking around Firsthouse Yokohama Aoba*

*Report of walking around Firsthouse Yokohama Aoba*

Hello everyone!

I’m Hinata, the house manager of Firsthouse Yokohama Aoba.


I took a walk to answer the questions such as “Is it close to Yokohama?” “How’s the access to Tokyo?” “What’s around the house?” and so on!! For those who live far from this area, even “Aobadai station” may not be known….(Or even “Denentoshi Line”…

I’m actually from Mie Prefecture and just moved to here last year, so I had many unknown things.


I would like to introduce here for those of you , so let’s go!!


Denentoshi Line Aobadai station, How’s access? 

The nearest stations are "Aobadai station in Denentoshi Line", 
and "Tookaichiba station in Yokohama Line"
Both stations are about 7 ~ 10 min walk from the sharehouse. 
If you use "Aobadai station in Denentoshi Line," you can reach Tokyo within 1 hour!!
Shibuya about 28 min
Futako Tamagawa about 17 min
Jiyugaoka about 24 min
Omotesando about 35 min
Aoyama Ichome about 40 min

Meanwhile, if you use “Tooka Ichiba station in Yokohama Line“,

you can go to Yokohama station area, and Enoshima & Shonan area!!

Shin Yokohama about 12 min
Yokohama about 25 min
Sakuragicho about 30 min
Kamakura about 57 min
Katase Enoshima about 57 min


Minami Machida Granberry Park

I went to “Minami Machida Granberry Park” this time as I recommend this big shopping mall!!

This is only 2 stops, 7 min from Aobadai station in Denentoshi Line if you use express train!

It connects to the station directly, and there are about 240 shops with movie theater, restaurants, grocery stores, and other exciting contents here!!


Lots of cute ! Snoopy museum

Gotta check this out for those who love snoopy!!

Even if you don’t, you should come here! (You will be starting to love)

You can appreciate the original picture of Snoopy’s original comic “PEANUTS”, huge monuments, unique characters and stories in detail.

Let me say one thing. This is really cute!! Snoopy is SOOOO cute!!

You can take lots of photogenic pictures here….

Don’t miss the goods section at the museum exit!

The goods that can be bought only here are sold so much.

I bought some for my room. (also for the living room at Firsthouse Yokohama Aoba…)


By the way, there is a “PEANUTS CAFE” right next to the museum!


Also, there is the restaurant of “Shaun the Sheep” at the opposite side of the cafe.

They are so cute, I really recommend this!


Shopping zone with what you want*

There are many brands that I was looking for. So glad!!
You can also enjoy other shops like Zoff, FrancFranc, GRAPE FRUIT MOON, ACTUS, AWESOME STORE, snow peak, mont-bell, and Can Do.


There is a cool food court as well:)
And then you could grab your favorite healthy drink once you get tired*

I took photo of this lemonade, and this shop located in front of the ticket gate.

This is a very health conscious shake originated at CA.
I felt very healthy tasete…Hehe

Cozy Park Surrounded By Beautiful Nature

You grabbed your food? Okey-dokey!
Then we could take a rest inside a green park next to the shopping area.
This park is surrounded by beautiful nature, and also there are soccer field, tennis courts and jogging trail. It’s nice to take a break hearing the voice of children which sounded like a lot of fun, right?

There is a food stall near the park! It looks so nice~

I was able to relax and unwind:)

This is the map of the whole facility. Do you think it’s so large? I do…
It’s not just the shopping area and the park, but there is the movie theater. I would guess if you try to go all facilities, you need to have a whole day.
You could enjoy by yourself, and also with your friends.
It must be fun:)


*The Area Around Aobadai Station*

Maybe you would like to know about the area around the Aobadai station, wouldn’t you?
Therefore, I walked and took some photos around the station for you:)
There are Japan Post’s ATM and MUFJ Bank’s ATM and TULLY’S COFFEE in front of the main ticket gate.
And also, there are some shops, cafes and restaurants. Around the station, you usually could buy what you want. This is a very comfortable city than you thought.
The TOKYU SQUARE is a mall has UNIQLO, Starbucks, MUJI, Electronics store, Book shop, Secondhand clothes shop, KALDI, Francfranc, etc…
As you can see, it has various kind of shops*
This restaurant called MUJI CAFE is popular among people who worried about their health. I mean you could have healthy food here:)
TOKYU SQUARE has Indian restaurants, SHABU-SHABU hot pot restaurant(All You Can Eat), Rice omlets restaurant and more… You have many options. Hehe
*And Others…*
There are some fitness gyms around the station, ANYTIME FITNESS(24h), and KONAMI Sports Club(It has a Large Public Bath.)
MEGA DON QUIXOTE is a little bit far from the station, but it takes less than 10 minutes, and also the direction to the house is almost same.
If you couldn’t get some items you need, you may get it at the MEGA DON QUIXOTE.
There is an eye-catching burger shop called 2nd cafe on the way to the house.
Unfortunately, I’ve not visited there yet, but according to some of our house family the signature burger is so delicious. All right, please go there with me someone…! Haha
Do you know Aobadai is famous for delicious bread by the way?
You could find a lot of privately owned bakery.
This “Bakery kuma” is around the station so you could go there in 5 minutes by walk.
PAUL is also located near the station.(If you like bread, I would guess you know PAUL originated from France.)
Let’s explore to find new bakery♪
American Home Style * Lucy’s Bakery
I recommend you to visit “Lucy’s Bakery”*
Is it very cute, isn’t it?
Inside is also so cute…


You could have homemade American cakes, like Pumpkin bread, Key lime pie, Red velvet cake, and more! Muffins, Cheese cake, Chiffon cake…

Actually, I used to live in the States for just 1 year, so I’m so excited to see them.


Today, I had a maple chiffon cake. It was soooo delicious!

Fluffy chiffon with sweet maple whipped cream. So yummy!


This Lucy’s Bakery is a sister store of “Bubble Over” at the Ichigao station.

“Bubble Over” is an American diner which has great ambiance!

You could check it on the report of 【First House Ichigao】. Please check it out:)


In The End
The pharmacy called Fit Care DEPOT is next to the house, so if you need
I would guess it’s very convenient for everyone to go to the post office easily.
We have any other cool local restaurants around the house, like set lunch restaurant, Jolly-Pasta, crazy ramen shop, coffee shops.
The nearest super market is LIFE takes about 1-2 minutes from the house.
This time, I was walking around the area around First House Yokohama-Aoba*
To know the place around the house is very important to find a new house, right?
I hope this blog helps you to start your new life in Japan!!
If you’d like to see the house, ask some questions, please feel free to contact with us:)
Now, we are facing hard situation as you know, that’s why we couldn’t have house party.
However, I’m sure that we have big party after this Corona situation.
To be able to communicate with a lot of people is one of the big reason is for everyone to live in the share house:)

I’m deeply looking forward to seeing you!!
By the way, we have other share house around Yokohama station called 【Ma Maison Hakuraku】. This house is for only women, and very cozy and cute. I’m house manager of this house as well. I recommend you this house if you are looking for the house Yokohama area:)
That’s all!!This is Hinata, house manager of First House Yokohama-Aoba**
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    Firsthouse Haneda Otorii is close to the entrance to the world which is Haneda Intenational Terminal station with 4 min for 3 stops. Also, you can come to the house without waiting for the traffic light with only 3 min walk. 14 min for Shinagawa station, and 28 min for Higashi Ginza station.

    In this nice place for a good for international job, a room in the 2nd floor is 13.8㎡, and one in the 1st floor is 12㎡. The shower room and water sink is only for women in the 2nd floor.

  • Firsthouse Omori is only 8 min walk from Omori station in JR Keihin Tohoku Line where it is 2 next stops from Shinagawa station. You can go to Yokohama station by train for 18 min. Therefore, it’s very easy to go not only to Tokyo direction but to Yokohama area!Supermarkets, convenience stores, and drug store are very close to the sharehouse so this environment must be convenient compared to other areas in Omori.  Common spaces and some rooms have been renovated in 2017, so you may really like this sharehouse!

  • The size of all rooms are about 10㎡ with good sunshine!! Shower rooms and bathrooms are separated in men and women. And the entrance is electric auto-locked so the security is good!! Since it is close to the station, it is convenient to go for shopping at a supermarket, convenience stores, book stores, drug stores, cafes, and so on.