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◎ First House Fujigaoka area walk report ◎

◎ First House Fujigaoka area walk report ◎

Hello everyone!
I ’m Hinata from Interwao staff.


This time, we will deliver to you a report around [First House Yokohama Fujigaoka] in Fujigaoka, a green town surrounded by nature *.


For those who are looking for a new room under the conditions of “easy access to Tokyo and Yokohama”, “Door to Door within 1 hour”, “quiet and calm place”, and “house surrounded by nature”, this sharehouse is one of recommended propertes.


Fujigaoka is a slightly expensive residential area for families, so the surrounding area is quiet and safe!

There are no large commercial facilities, but it is a city where you can spend a relaxing time.


The property has a free bicycle parking lot, so it is recommended to go out by cycling.


Now that we’ve been exploring what’s actually around the house, let’s take a look around *


Access from Fujigaoka st on Denentoshi Line

The nearest station is “Tokyu Denentoshi Line Fujigaoka Station”.

It takes about 7 min walk from the house to the station.

Fujigaoka Station stops at each station, but you can reach both Tokyo and Yokohama within an hour!

Shibuya st 33 min (1 time transfer), 41 min (without transfer)
Sangenjaya 28 min (1 time transfer), 36 min (without transfer)
Jiyugaoka 27 min (2 times transfer)
Omotesando 37 min (1 time transfer), 46 min (without transfer)
Ikebukuro 53 min (3 times transfer) , 65 min (1 time transfer)

It’s about an hour’s access to Yokohama, so you can go out on your days off.

Shin-Yokohama 30 min (1 time transfer)
Yokohama 38 min (1 time transfer)
Sakuragicho 42 min (1 time transffer)
Minato Mirai 52 min (2 times transfer)
Katase Enoshima 57 min (1 time transfer)


Local shops full of individuality*

Around Fujigaoka Station, there are shops such as Saizeriya (Italian restaurant), Coco Ichibanya (Curry shop), San Marc Cafe, 100-yen shop, FamilyMart, Hack Drug (drug store), Tokyu Store, etc.
It is very convenient since those stores are within walking-distance. *
However, there are many other nice local shops in Fujigaoka!

Relaxation Cafe Kotorie

Fashionable Hawaiian cafe dining*
You can enjoy delicious Hawaiian dishes such as loco Moco, garlic shrimp plate, glutinous chicken, and pancakes, as well as vegetables and healthy rice.
And as the name of the shop says, you can also get a spa massage in the space attached to the cafe *
It’s great to eat delicious food and get a massage. .. .. I highly recommend it!

MOA(Stone kiln)

It’s a delicious and locally famous bakery! Bread baked in a Spanish stone oven is plump. .. ..

It has been featured in the media several times *


There are so many kinds of bread made with particular attention to the ingredients that you can’t decide which one to choose!


Why don’t you have a meal on the terrace when the weather is nice?*


It is a vegan (100% vegetable) restaurant! I think there are many people who understand vegetarians but not vegans. .. ..

Vegan is a type of vegetarian who is a “vegetarian” who never eats animal foods.

As its website says,

“We provide plant-based (100% plant-based) dishes using open-field vegetables cultivated with pesticide-free and chemical-free fertilizers.”

So, it ’s a nice restaurant where you can feel healthy both physically and mentally.

There are many hearty menu items such as veggie zangi, dumplings, fried food, pizza, and pasta (it looks delicious).


This is the bakery in front of “Moegino Park” introduced below.*

It is a shop that makes bread using only carefully selected organic ingredients without using any extra things. “BIGO TOKYO” which introduced French bread (baguette) to Japan. It seems that the person who was a boulangerie at the Saginuma store has opened it after independence.*

The store is not that large. However, the breads that are carefully made one by one are all beautiful and can be seen for a long time!

Simple bread such as bread and baguette looked very delicious. .. ..

I got walnuts and chocolate scones*

The walnuts were in an exquisite condition and the chocolate was very delicious.


Scones makes us image it is thirsty, but I didn’t feel that way and finished eating scones quickly!


Very recommended * (Because it is a popular shop, we recommend to go in the morning)

A park with lots of green within walking-distance
The area around Fujigaoka is very green*
There are also rows of ginkgo trees and cherry blossom trees, so it’s nice that the town is dyed in different colors depending on the season.
This time, I would like to introduce two large parks *

Moegino Park・Moegino Fureai Forest

There is a large pond in Moegino Park.

Take a leisurely walk on the deck built on it…

The contrast between the sky, the pond and the plants calms you down.

The sight of the sky reflecting off the surface of the water spreads out in front of you *

Isn’t it quite rare for a park to have such a large pond?


The deck is barely on the surface of the water, so you can take a closer look inside the pond.

You can also fish for crayfish *

There is “Moegino Fureai no Mori” across the road from the park!

This bamboo grove. .. .. It’s wonderful. .. .. it’s beautiful.


As the name of the forest says, many trees other than bamboo are also planted.

There was a bamboo grove at the end of the stairs that had been maintained (there is a lot of volume).

The open scenery is also a must-see.

Fujigaoka Park

Fujigaoka Park is a park facing a 5-minute walk from Fujigaoka Station.

There is an area with a pond, forest road, and playground equipment on the premises!


The park is so large that you can’t think it’s near the station, so why not go for a walk to heal your daily fatigue?

In this way, lotus leaves are floating in the pond.

It’s very green and you can feel the negative ions!

It’s a duck. .. .. cute. .. ..

Like the first one, there were a lot of ducks and it was very healed. .. ..

This is the love of our staff who are passionate about ducks.


Relaxing*Firsthouse Yokohama Fujigaoka

So, how was the report around Fujigaoka Station?

After returning, let’s take a rest in a calm house*

A cup of coffee while looking at the trees. .. ..

The taste varies depending on the room ~

This is unified in yellow!

Actually, the lighting also differs depending on the room…

Fujigaoka. .. .. It may be an unfamiliar place.

However, access to the main parts of Tokyo and Yokohama is within an hour, and the town is lush and calm, so it is highly recommended for those who are concerned about the hustle and bustle of the city.


Above all, it’s nice to have facilities where you can enjoy shopping and movies, such as “Aobadai Station”, “Tama-Plaza Station”, and “Minami Machida Grandberry Park Station” on the Denentoshi Line, even if you don’t go to Tokyo or Yokohama station.*


There is also “Firsthouse Yokohama Aoba” nearby, so if you are interested, please refer to the surrounding report *


*Report of walking around Firsthouse Yokohama Aoba*』☜


That’s all for the report around First House Yokohama Fujigaoka!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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