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Recommended House!
  • 62 rooms of the sharehouse, 12 min walk away from Mizonokuchi station in Tokyu Denentoshi Line, Oimachi Line, and JR Nanbu Line! Residents are mainly in the age of 20’s, and about half of residents are foreigners! There are regularly house event held so this is one of the best recommended houses for beginners as well.

    12 min for Jiyugaoka, 14 min for Shibuya, 20 min for Kawasaki. Very convenient place!!

  • This sharehouse is like a studio type apartment because a kitchen is in a room. The common spaces residents share are shower, bathroom, washing machine, and dryer. Shower rooms and bathroom have been renovated in 2016 Summer, and they are separated between men and women. Tobu Nerima station is 15 min train from Ikebukuro station which is easy access to the central of Tokyo.

  • 10 min walk from Aobadai station in Tokyu Denentoshi Line, 12 walk from Tookaichiba station in JR Yokohama Line. This sharehouse is very international since more than 50 % of residents are from foreigners. The huge living space has herringbone style floor, and billiard board with bar-like atmosphere.
    The room size is 13.2㎡ so you can have open-minded life in this sharehouse!

  • “Jiyugaoka”  is one of the most popular areas in Tokyo! It is within the walking distance from this women only sharehouse with auto-locked entrance!

    There are 11 rooms in this sharehouse so if you don’t like the big one, you should check this house.

    We will change some furniture in the common spaces, so we can provide higher grade in quality!

  • First House Fujigaoka is in a quiet residential area. There is a park in the surroundings, and there are many natural calm environments. There are many friendly people, they will regularly hold an event. In the surroundings of the station there are supermarkets, convenience stores, 100 yen shops, drug stores. You do not have to worry about shopping. First house Fujigaoka has lower rent than other sharehouses. It is one of the recommended properties if you live wisely in Japan.

  • Only 4 min walk from Ichigao station in Denentoshi Line! Since it is close to the station, you can find 100 yen shop, convenience stores, and supermarket which is open 24 hours! The room size is 9.9 ㎡ and 12㎡ so you can feel open-minded in this sharehouse!

  • 2 train lines are available in this area which are “Keikyu Line” for Shinagawa and “Yokohama municipal subway Blue Line” for Yokohama.

    Both stations are within 10 min walk, and there is a shopping street with the famous spot of cherry blossom.

    Some rooms in this sharehouse are about 10㎡ with furniture+closet, and others are 1DK with bathroom and shower as well.

    Shower and bathroom in the common space are separated in men and women, and the entrance is auto-locked. So you can have a safe stay here!

  • A furnished studio type apartment!! The entrance of this property is electric auto-locked door so the whole building is well secured.   There is an elevator so don’t worry about carrying your luggage. The nearest station, “Kakio” station, is located in a quiet residential area so you will be able to lead a relaxing life. If you use a train, you will get to Shin Yurigaoka station and Shimo Kitazawa station where they are prosperous and popular areas among young people especially.


I share foods with other tenants so that I could like cooking. I like the seasonal parties and held the house party “Otsukimi”, Japanese traditional event in Fall. Konishi-san 20’s Japanese

The reason for movin in
I quit the job and was looking for a new job. I was looking for a cheap room then. When I was searching on the internet, I found Interwhao. For Interwhao’s shared house, initial fees are cheap and reasonable. You don’t need to pay deposit or brokerage. The house manger is very kind and nice, and the atmosphere of the house is good to me, so I chose to live here.
House life
Pretty fun! When I go to shower room, toilet, and so on, I have many opportunities to see other tenants. If I live in an apartment, I tend to stay only inside of the room. But shared house allows me not to be alone. There are many foreigners in this house, so they often give me their own country foods. Many residents cook, so it motivates me that I have to cook. Also, I have many chances to talk with tenants, so I feel more energetic to do many things. It is good to talk with people from younger to older.
【the best memory】
Halloween and fine white noodles served flowing in a small flume (Japanese traditional eating culture) These events are that everyone cooperates together and we got to know each other. After this, I went to spa with other tenants.
Welcome to Ichigao house
Tenants can enjoy the seasonal parties together, so I recommend for those who like communication and relationship with people. I recommend those who care about cleaness should take a look at the house and a room before they decide to live. Also, I recommend those who like the party should check this house. Let’s have the party together!
This is one of our best houses under our management shared houses in terms of the distance from the nearest station, 4 min walk!
Rent 48,000yen~53,500yen
Type Sharehouse
Location Ichigao, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi
Nearest Station Denentoshi-line Ichigao station 4min
For Main Station For Shibuya(Denentoshi line・Ichigao-station)28 min
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