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Firsthouse Toyosu(3rd floor is only for women)

House manager

Keisuke Omata
Keisuke Omata

I'm making an effort to create an unforgettable sharehouse!


2-chome Edagawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo


49,500 yen ~
○Handling fee :30,000 yen

(Only in checking in)
○Utilities fee  12,000 yen
○Two people living 10,000 added

Nearest station

○Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line:

Toyosu station 15 min walk

○Tokyo Metro Touzai Line:

Kiba station 15 min walk

Main station

○10 min to Ginza station

(Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line)


16 rooms/ 5 tatami mats

Concrete/ 3 floors

Bicycle parking lot

3rd floor is only for women

Common facilities

Kitchen/Kitchen utensils/Toilet/Shower/

Washing machine/Dryer/Iron/TV/PC/Vacuum Cleaner

Room facilities

Air conditioner/Refrigerator/Bed/Table/Internet/


Pick up report!

    • Samurai are the people who act as if they are full even when they are starving.
    • party / event

      Samurai are the people who act as if they are full even when they are starving.

      I’ll show you the Dumpling Party @ Firsthouse Toyosu! ★Firsthouse Toyosu Firsthouse Toyosu is one of the most popular sharehouse in Interwhao because the surrounding area is popular as Bay area in Tokyo. You can use trains of Tokyo Metro and Yurikamome. Access to many directions, city development, this city has been focused as Bed Town. ★Dumpling Party Right after buying ingredients for dumpling, the residents came to help! If you don’t work for us, you cannot eat… We assigned the role to everyone, cutting vegetables, cleaning, etc… The taste of dumpling is depending on how much you spend on cabbage…Just concentrate! Kitchen became women’s garden… Shrimp dumpling, avocado dumpling…many […]


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Vacancy information

Room Number Photo Rent Utility
(Every month)
Handling fee
(Only checking in)
Total amount/first month Inquiry
Room size Availability Remarks
  • 部屋画像
  • 部屋画像
49,500yen 12,000yen 30,000yen 91,500yen Inquiry
9.1㎡ Occupied
  • 部屋画像
51,000yen 12,000yen 30,000yen 93,000yen Inquiry
9.1㎡ Occupied Women only
  • 部屋画像
  • 部屋画像
52,000yen 12,000yen 30,000yen 94,000yen Inquiry
14.5㎡ Occupied Women only

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Area information

  • La-La Port Toyosu

    One of the biggest shopping mall in Japan!
    There are uncountable stores in here and you'll never be bored.


    The biggest DIY store in Toyosu.
    There are some restaurants ,electrical store and Super market !!
    You can enjoy shopping there!!


From house coordinator

Keisuke Omata
Keisuke Omata

Only 10 min to Ginza.
Here is the Bay Area which is the closest to the central of Tokyo with using a train "Yurikamome" and Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line.

There are many building being constructed so it is being more famous as a bed town.

The road is wider so that it is safer for the children and handicapped people to walk.

Lalaport Toyosu (One of the biggest shopping mall in Japan) represents
the city of Toyosu and has 190 shops and restaurants, so people who live in suburb areas come all the way to this shopping mall.

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