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Held a party because the weather gets warm! @ Firsthouse Aobadai

Held a party because the weather gets warm! @ Firsthouse Aobadai

In spring, I sleep like a log, BUT hello, I am a manager of Firsthouse Yokohama-Aoba. The man next to me is a Filipino who does not miss a moment I’m sleeping!


Well, to celebrate Yokohama-Aoba having been full, we held a thank-you-all party! I’d like to express my gratitude to all of you!


Because 9 students from China moved in here, today we had a Chinese-cuisine party, mainly Gyoza (Chinese-style dumpling).


The girls on the above picture are all from China. We all cooperated and wrapped tons of Gyoza. It seems like they often cooked Gyoza ever since they were young. Apparently, they were good!!

We cooked shrimp in chili sauce, fried eggplant in chili sauce and Chinese-style salad, too. Actually, there were more Gyoza than the amount you can see on the picture. We baked and baked Gyoza, and ate and ate it like crazy.

And as usual, we played billiards and Nintendo Switch.

You might be surprised, but 65% of the residents now are from overseas countries (about 30 people). Games are like a friend who helps international exchanges even if we speak different languages.

We closed the party and put the things back at 11 p.m., and moved to the 2nd party: Karaoke!

There is a reasonable Karaoke spot, which the residents in Yokohama-Aoba sometimes go.

The area around Aobadai Station is lighted up and merry even at night!

A big Karaoke competition which mixes Japanes, Chinsese, and English.

We didn’t exactly understand lyrics of different languages, but we felt this was a song for love or not.

We kept singing until the day broke.

This is all about today’s happiness report.

Next time, I am thinking of having a barbecue!


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